4 Tips for Finding the Right Criminal Law Solicitor

4 Tips for Finding the Right Criminal Law Solicitor

When you’re facing criminal charges, you probably know that you need a criminal law solicitor. However, it may seem overwhelming to sort through all the options and find the right solicitor for your case. Yet you need the right solicitor by your side in order to maximise your chance of winning. In this article, we’re going to give you 4 tips for finding the right criminal law solicitor.

Finding the Right Criminal Law Solicitor

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Find a Solicitor Who Can Handle Your Type of Criminal Charges

Criminal charges range from minor to major. Some criminal law solicitors only take certain cases, be it felonies or minor infractions. Someone with experience fighting road violations may not be qualified to more serious charges. Look for solicitors with experience winning cases like yours. The match between experience and your particular case matters far more than the person’s reviews.

Verify Their Reputation

Once you’ve created a list of solicitors who handle cases like yours, then you can start checking reviews. Seek references from people you know. Ask for references from reliable sources, though this may be a challenge when you want to get out on bail. Take the time to read online reviews of the solicitor, especially by previous clients who were satisfied with the outcome of their case.

However, glowing testimonials on their own website should be taken with a grain of salt. A better measure of the solicitor’s ability is having a higher ratio of wins relative to other solicitors. It is a plus if they’ve successfully handled difficult and/or high-profile cases. In general, a good lawyer’s reputation will precede them. However, you should still verify the facts before you assume they are the best choice for handling your case.

Hire for Experience

There are several reasons to hire someone with experience in the criminal law niche relevant to your case. First is the fact that new solicitors may make mistakes that put your freedom at risk. Second is the fact that an experienced solicitor knows what they’re doing, and there’s a good chance they’ll need fewer billable hours to resolve your case. For example, an experienced solicitor is efficient at gathering evidence and doing research. That saves you money over the long run. An experienced solicitor is also more likely to have good investigative skills that could lead to details that make or break a case.

Consider the Costs

Compare the rates of law firms and criminal solicitors you’re considering hiring. Selecting a firm that is experienced and efficient can save you money. However, there are times where the case is going to require significant time and effort, and you’re obligated to pay for that time. If you can, go with the cheaper solicitor to defend you. This ensures that you don’t lose your life savings trying to remain free. If you aren’t sure who you want to hire, ask for a free consultation to discuss your case. Bring all the details of your case so you can determine if they can indeed handle it.

Conversely, you should be wary of seeking pro bono representation, since these solicitors have fewer resources at their disposal and may be overloaded. This will ultimately hurt the quality of service you receive.

When you’re facing criminal charges, you need the right solicitor by your side. With the advice we’ve given you, you should be able to find the right solicitor given your particular situation.