Discover Different Strategies For Selling Resale Rights Products

Discover Different Strategies For Selling Resale Rights Products

There’s more than one way to make money with resale rights products and if you put your mind to it, you’ll be able to profit from these products from many angles. Here are some suggestions to increase your sales of any resale rights product.

1. Offer more. Make the main offer even sweeter by adding a complimentary bonus to the original offer. For example, if I was in the weight loss niche selling a piece of software that calculated your body mass index, my bonus could be a report on ‘The 10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Dieting’.

2. Sign them up to your mailing list. This can be done automatically with the correct software, or if you don’t have any installed, i recommend you send your customer to a squeeze page so that they are forced to sign in. If you don’t like being so forceful, you can allow them to opt-in to your newsletter on the download page, or allow them to bypass this option with a link below the form that says, ‘No thanks, I’ll pass…’

3. Provide a one-time offer. After they’ve purchased it, DO NOT send them directly to the download page! Why not offer them another product, This is where you make your own one-time offer page which will contain an irresistible collection of all your dieting and exercise technique PDFs for one low price, collectively worth a lot more if bought separately. The trick here is to make it a real one-time offer and make it an absolute no-brainer for your customer.

4. Send them to the download page. This is where you provide the products they bought and possibly recommend other products (as an affiliate) towards the bottom of the page which will compliment what they’ve already bought. This may not work all the time because some niches are not catered for so many products. However you will find that popular niches such as weight-loss and ‘making money online’ are good for cross-promoting because of various sub-niches.

5. Push your affiliate program if available. Somewhere after the download links and before the extra recommendations you could provide a link saying that they can make money right away by promoting the product they’ve just bought. A successful affiliate program requires not only a good product, but easy-of-use for your affiliates and a reliable affiliate merchant, either in-house or third party such as ClickBank or PayDotCom. Provide your customer-turned-affiliate with their affiliate link, tell them where to sign up and provide them with text ads, banners, graphics, and articles. Your affiliate needs to feel reassured that not only your product delivers and makes sales, but also who will pay them, how and when so make sure this info is readily available.

Those are just a few ideas for getting the ball rolling and bringing in some sales. You can apply just one of these techniques and it will work, but I recommend applying all of them in time to get the most profit out of your resale rights products.

Copyright Law And Simulation

Copyright Law And Simulation

Copyright is the protection of an original work produced in the field of literature, music or art. As this is the creativity of an individual mind, it deserves all efforts to keep it from being reproduced by anyone illegally. Whether it be photographs, films or simply a piece of writing, Copyright Law applies to all original works. This Law uses legal principles and rules to prevent an author’s personalized work from being copied unlawfully.

Not all works can be copyrighted, there are certain conditions. For a work to be eligible for this protection, it must be original, in a tangible form, and that the ideas must be in the form of expression.

Copyright Law is not violated every time a piece of work is copied. A good comparative study must be conducted between the original and accused work. Similarities are sorted and means of access to the original work is sought. But to prove a reproduction to be an infringement, the assessment method is quite vague. Therefore, different tests have evolved over the years to help courts make an infringement decision better like given below:

The Lay Observers’ Test is conducted with an audience comprising of ordinary people and the alleged work is presented to them for analysis. A group of reasonably sensible people chalk down the similarities in the two works and help the court in determining whether the original work has been unlawfully reproduced or not. But this test only aims at the general similarities and not the minute details. Due to this, specialized experts’ opinion may differ from that of the general public and vice versa

The Extrinsic-Intrinsic Test is most appropriate for literary work such as books and script but can also be applied to musical compositions and artwork. It was devised by the US Court of Appeals and consists of two parts. The extrinsic test is more detailed with expert opinion and focuses on more technical areas as type of artwork involved, materials used and subject matter. Intrinsic test depends more on the decision of the general audience.

Both these tests are put together in the end to determine if a copyrighted piece has been wrongfully appropriated.

The Abstraction, Filtration and Comparison Test is third such test. Abstraction is the analysis of every step in the production of a work for the examination of similarities at each point. Filtration then eliminates unpredictable elements such as ideas, facts, public domain information and merger materials. Finally comparison decides where copyright law has been voided. The challenge faced here is demarcating that line between idea and expression as idea does not qualify for copyright while expression does. It is also hard to determine here when the idea-expression limit is crossed.

The results to such cases of violation of Copyright Law vary from product to product and depend greatly on the method of analysis applied. Decisions by general public differ from that of the experts and determining idea-expression boundary varies individually. Therefore, small changes in test methods can have big impacts on the concluding results.

How TO Copyright A Name

How TO Copyright A Name

Copyrighting a name is very important in order to protect your trademark.

Copyrighting does not mean protecting a name. There lie only few instances in which copyright has been applicable to the name. In case of a need to protect your name you should file on an application which gives you a special trademark for your name. This method is different from attaining patent or copyright. Copyrighting a name includes many directions and requirements as follows.

Requirements to copyright the name:

(1) Trademark registration application

(2) Illustration of logo or mark

(3) Registration number or serial number for a name or mark.

Directions to be followed to copyright any name:

Step 1: Have a thorough look at the US trademark website and patent and clearly understand the usage or necessity of the trademark versus copyright. Also understand the trademarking process. These things will make you to be clear at how to protect your property intellectually.

Step 2: Make sure that no other trademark name at the trademark database suits with your name. which leads to a big conflict later. This service which is offered at free of cost will make you realize that there is no other trademark name which is as same as yours.

Step 3: After reading the trademark details and verification of your trademark name with others you can fill in a application form for trademarking which appears online. This application was been designed by the electronic system for trademark application present within the US trademark and patent office’s website.

Step 4: An illustration which clearly explains how your logo and name will be seen after print out is also included. This detail also includes the determination of whether your registration is only for the name or it also includes some extra information like design or picture and so on.

Step 5: After registration a unique serial number will be assigned and given to you by the US trademark and patent office, which is very important to further interaction with them.

Step 6: Kindly wait for about five to six months since filling your application form online. Later than a response will be got from the US trademark and patent office. It may take even one year or several years also to get response from them after attaining a final confirmation from them.

Step 7: The final step in copyrighting your name is protecting the domain name of yours with the ICANN. where the ICANN is the agency which is been established especially for the purpose of trademark registration and protection.

There are also certain warnings and tips to be remembered while copyrighting your name:

– Protect your logo design and name through US trademark and patent office. this protection also save the intellectual property which is associated with your brand name.

– It is better to retain a lawyer with you who is schooled especially at the area of copyright matters and trademark domain, because it may be frustrating or confusing for you at registering your name to protect it, at that time a legal advice can be got from your lawyer.

Song Copyright How Songs And Music Are Guarded by Copyright

Song Copyright How Songs And Music Are Guarded by Copyright

These influential on-air talents are also productive contacts to cultivate in your pursuit of airplay.

On the web Radio Stations

Terrestrial and satellite radio are not the only strategies persons uncover new songs. Internet radio stations and podcasts are typically consumed on line or on smartphones. Given that the quantity of on-line outfits is so excellent, there are less bands competing for the attention of any personal station. That tends to make it comparatively quick to get played on this variety of station.

As a lot more buyers begin listening to audio by taking part in downloads of MP3 songs that they uncover on the internet, radio stations become less and much less essential. Also, you would have to use on your own or your associates as witnesses and like witnesses are not regarded as reliable in court due to the fact they have an fascination in the situation!

five. Protecting Your Songs Is Quick:

So generally use an independent registration services – both a respected personal firm, this kind of as , or the copyright workplace – to sign-up your songs.

And 1 more bit of data… If you actually need to have to truly sue anyone for copyright infringement, and you wrote the song in the U.S., you will need to also file your tune with the copyright workplace just before essentially filing the lawsuit. But that can be completed whenever all through the “life” of your copyright (which is the composer’s life span additionally 70 a long time), and even after a person has tried stealing your song or registering their individual copyright for it!

So if you would like to steer clear of all the kinds and expense of at first registering all your songs with the copyright business office, you can very first sign-up them with a personal registration support.

Then, if any individual ever tries to steal any of your privately registered songs, you have the evidence needed to indicate you had copyright defense before they did! Usually, just exhibiting the thief this proof (of your non-public registration) is enough to end them. But even if that doesn’t get the job done, you can always file just that a single particular song (the 1 stolen) with the copyright office in advance of submitting your lawsuit, and then use the non-public registration proof in court.

That way, you help you save obtaining to sign-up all your content with the copyright office. You can use a much less pricey and speedier non-public registration support initially, and then wait and see if you actually want to take further more motion later.

Just generally recall to register your songs as shortly soon after you compose them as attainable, both with a reliable non-public registration service or the copyright workplace!

Improved secure than sorry!

(And btw, it is really not “copywrite” or “copy write” – it really is copyright…)

And to study other content about stolen songs and the myth of the very poor man’s copyright, click on “Article Source” at the conclusion of this write-up.

Disclaimer: The previously mentioned information is intended as common data only, not as legal tips or solicitation for legal services, and should not be relied on as this kind of. Make sure you seek the advice of with a community attorney in your region for unique legal questions on audio copyright legislation.

Entertainment Industry And Intellectual Property Protection in India

Entertainment is one of the most happening Industries in India. Though the industry and services offered is not perceived the same way; as services offered by a business entity or organizations in a stream of business; the size of the industry has significant impact in terms of the mass reach, jobs created, economy and technology absorption.

Getting to the details of forms of Entertainment and shows; the most common mediums are:

Each of the above programs or shows is a result of the Script or Story writers, directors, Music Composers, Artists Choreographers & Technicians and Organizers. The kind of work that goes into creation of such a work will be in terms of the Story, Creativity, Music, Dialogue, Art works and technologies. The works are a result of Intellectual learning and applications. Hence there is a need to protect the Intellectual Property to retain the rights over the work; since copying of the work is very easy in case of cinematic works & publications.

The forms of protecting such Intellectual Property can be by means of Copyright protection for the works and Legal Agreements between the parties in interaction & transaction. The model and mechanism of the Entertainment shows and mediums itself necessitates strong legal agreements; since the realization of the revenue in most cases is only after the completion of the work.

The body for Copyright protection is the Copyright Office under the HRD Ministry. The Copyright works are governed by The Copyright Act, 1957 and This Act has been amended five times since then, i.e., in 1983, 1984, 1992, 1994 and 1999, with the amendment of 1994 being the most substantial. (Source: Copyright office website).

In India steps towards Copyright protection has significantly improved and campaigns against piracy have appreciated the industry to take legal measures and avoid piracy. With the industry size anticipated to grow from the present INR 652 Billion in 2010 to INR 1275 billion by 2015 (Source: FICCI Press Release); steps will be taken to strengthen the IP protection and reduce reproduction of the works. Since India is a land of multiple languages, we could see copyright law adoption across languages to protect the entertainment related works.

Copyright – Brain League IP Services 2011; All Rights Reserved.

An Introduction to Real Estate Law

There has been some good news for the property market in recent weeks. The BBC has reported recently that the housing market in the UK is seeing something of a ‘meaningful recovery’ with a rise in mortgage lending. It has also been estimated that the total value of all homes in Britain increased by 57 billion this year to 5.963 trillion. Though the property market has seen some stagnant periods in recent years, thousands of transactions are completed every year with individuals and businesses alike buying, selling and renting houses, flats, offices and buildings. Whether you are part of a business looking for new office space or simply an individual looking for a new home it is important to use the services of a solicitor or law firm that specialises in property or real estate law.

Why is it useful to engage the services of a real estate law solicitor, Isn’t an estate agent all you need, The trouble with estate agents, from a buyer’s point of view, is that an estate agent’s main obligation is to the seller not the buyer. As a buyer it is important to get advice from someone who specialises in property law so that you can avoid the possibility of being ripped off or being taken advantage of. Property is expensive and it is important that all the small details are monitored so you can avoid losing out. Property lawyers (or real estate lawyers as they are sometimes known) deal with a wide spectrum of issues and tasks relating to property. In many cases it involves more than just organising the exchange of deeds.

Property lawyers will have a broad range of clients that encompass more than just residential buyers and sellers. They will also deal with landlords, tenants, developers, agents and even local councils. Real estate lawyers will deal with very different parts of the property market from the corporate side, to the public sector and the residential side. Often solicitors will pick a particular side of property law to specialise in and usually this divide will be between commercial and residential cases. Commercial real estate solicitors will often deal more with acquisitions, development and estate management among other tasks. On the other hand residential real estate solicitors will generally be involved with conveyancing on a residential level. Conveyancing is the transferral of ownership or legal title of property and is the foundation for selling and buying houses. Residential property solicitors may also be referred to as ‘conveyancers’.

So what is involved in real estate law and conveyancing, Arguably the most important part of buying and selling property is whether the title on the property is legitimate and a conveyancing solicitor will carry out searches to ensure this is the case. This is hugely important because if no one checked whether a title was legitimate, people would be able to sell property without the owner’s consent. A conveyancing solicitor will deal with all aspects of the buying and selling process on your behalf. They will deal with managing stamp duty charges, the transfer of payments between buyer and seller, and drawing up contracts. Commercial property solicitors will give legal advice on combining property, property investment and development. They may also be involved to some degree in planning and construction and may provide legal advice on these areas.

Real estate solicitors do not solely deal with the buying and selling of property. They may also take on cases that deal with renting and leasing property. A tenant or a landlord may require the services of a real estate solicitor if they have a disagreement over rent or fees. A real estate solicitor may also prepare the agreement for lease when a new tenant moves in and may deal with the negotiations involved.

There are many different types of cases that a real estate solicitor may be involved with. However, it is no longer essential to involve a lawyer in conveyancing transactions and some people do buy and sell property without legal input. Previously it was only solicitors who could transfer property titles, today this is no longer the case. It is advisable, however, to engage the services of a solicitor specialising in real estate because the process can be complicated and if you do not know what you are doing you could end up losing money or the process could go wrong. Property transactions can also be fairly longwinded and using a solicitor’s services could save you a great deal of time and hassle.

What Are The Consequences of Slip And Fall Injuries,

What Are The Consequences of Slip And Fall Injuries,

Slip and fall injuries are common and it can occur at any point of time when you are least expecting it to happen. Also sometimes the injury can change your life forever. So, when you treat slip and fall cases or fall down accident cases, it is best to refer to an experienced formally trained medical expert. In this way you know you are in right hands and the chances of you recovering fast is very high.

What are types of injuries that occur with slip and fall accidents,

There are different types of injuries that you can expect with slip and fall accidents. These are as follows-

Injury to the spinal cord – This can be fatal and can even lead to paralysis.Broken bones – These are equally painful but can be corrected with surgery or supportScrapesBrain injury – This can be deadly and depending on the extent of injury, you can even lose a near one.Minor or severe bruisesDeath

In the event of slip and fall injury, firstly it is important to file a report, especially if you have fallen in a public place. Filing the timely report will enable you to make the insurance claim easily and without any hassles. Also keep watch on the witnesses when you had the injury. It goes without saying that when you are falling, it is indeed difficult to keep all this in mind, nevertheless, you can ask the ones that help you to get up or take you to the hospital for treatment.

If you had the injury due to any construction error in the building, an electric fault or broken stairs, you ought to note it immediately. Remember, all these details will help you when you get the treatment and when you have to claim for insurance.

Oftentimes it is seen that slip and fall injuries occur when there is negligence or the individual becomes careless.

Aside from the injuries mentioned above, there are other severe consequences of slip and fall injuries. These are as follows-

Hip fractures – Individuals above the age of 60 are prone to hip fractures and this incidence becomes pronounced if he slips and falls. Treatment may include minor surgery to hip replacement, depending on the need of the hour.Sprains – An injury in which the ligaments get stretched severely. Splinting or bracing can correct the situation.

In most of the cases, treatment comprises correction of bone displacement by surgery or traction (support). Alternatively, you will also come across injured people that will need some counseling. Physiotherapy is another alternative. Aside from the normal medication, you can also resort to alternative methods of healing if you are comfortable with the same. When you undergo a session of physiotherapy, make sure you get it done by an expert. Remember, it is a question of your well being that will impact your entire life and so you cannot afford to compromise with the same.


Aaron Sanchez has shared his expert vision and years of experience in dealing with slip and fall cases, in this article. His articles have been shared across numerous law forums and magazines. These articles have certainly thrown some light over areas like dealing with fall down accidents.

Is Technology Helping Piracy,

Is Technology Helping Piracy,

With the increasing technology and increasingly advanced programs adding up every day on the internet, it has become impossible to stop or discourage plagiarism. Technology has apparently become the greatest hindrance in implying copyright laws at the moment.

From the very first lesson we teach our children the dangers of plagiarism and to stay away from it. We encourage them to follow the right ways of almost everything in their lives but we ignore the fact that most of them already are violating copyright. When they share music videos with friends of their favorite band, they are practicing plagiarism of copyright facts already perhaps without even knowing of it.

The music industry is affected the most by this infringement. Though musicians and artists are always coming up with new lawsuits and updating their security, nothing seems to change the infringement levels much. To make matters worse, there are programs available on the internet that can help get through security locks on songs and music videos. It needs a little research and information but such violation tactics are very readily available. Piracy with the help of such tools leaves no evidence either.

Photographers also find too much piracy in their field. Even people with no knowledge of this profession, can alter or create photographs without leaving any trace of infringement. A photo printing lab in Florida refused to print an amateur work because it looked too professional and the developer feared violating someone else’s copyright facts. Mobile cameras are also making law enforcement in terms of copyright law difficult. Anyone can take pictures of copyrighted art and share it beyond limits.

Even writers and publishers face similar piracy problems. There was a great outcry from authors and content owners when Google announced to put four university libraries online so searchers can have access to more material than they previously did. The people concerned believed it was a great violation of their copyright facts and were immensely supported by France. They believed it would cause them big financial loss.

Seeing so much plagiarism, people are getting discouraged and they believe original creations attract more piracy than profit for the owner. But the good news is, more and more technology experts, administrators and attorneys are coming together to ensure the copyright protection of tangible, original works. As more laws emerge, there will originate more ways of violation but the results are still awaited and work to strengthen security is still in progress.

Copyright Act of United Kingdom

Copyright Act of United Kingdom

Copyright Law is part of the intellectual property law that assures security of original compositions. The Copyright Act grants protection against plagiarism to all tangible pieces of work. These include work pertaining to literature, music, film, art, lectures in public, Government work, question papers of an examination and plans of a building.

In United Kingdom, a copyrighted product is secure with the government and is reproduced by the owner from an official government source if the date or content of his work is challenged for infringement. This effort is put in to increase the economic benefits of the owner and encourage more people to participate with their creativity which in turn helps in exploring new talents, techniques and materials. All this eventually benefits the country. Copyright Registration Service is offered by the intellectual property office to keep track of the output of businesses and individuals for the protection of copyright ownership.

In UK, copyright registration is conducted by agents of copyright or attorneys at the office of the copyright of UK. Works of literature, music, drama, art and sound recordings are protected from unlawful reproductions or translations. A register is maintained where they enter names and titles of the work along with the complete details of the author, publisher and owner of copyright.

The owner, author, publisher or any person who lawfully wishes to attain the rights of a particular product, may apply by submitting a form with the prescribed fee to the Registrar of Copyright for entering the details of the work in the Register of Copyright. Once the application is received from the owner of the original work, the registrar then carries out necessary inquiry before issuing copyrights. If a correction is required after the registration has taken place, the authorized person files an application again. This is brought into notice of the registrar who then orders rectification. Omissions or incorrect additions are then taken care of and altered as required. Whether it be a change in name, address or any other detail, it is carried out by the registrar and the entry is amended in the register of copyright.

Any entry made in the Register of Copyrights or an alteration in terms of addition or omission in the already existing entries, is brought to public notice by the registrar either by publishing it in the Official Gazette or by any other means he finds appropriate. The Copyright Act of UK provides a big range of categories to protect the creativity of its people from violation. These categories include art, literature, music, drama, films, broadcasts, official work and allow them to reproduce their work and perform in public without fearing plagiarism.

Outdated Copyrights

Outdated Copyrights

I have always been interested in do it yourself plans and worked upon searching for these. Before the internet was commonly used, I searched books and magazines for the same. I discovered many copies of old magazines like Mechanix Illustrated, Science and Mechanics and many others of the kind offered lots of such do it yourself plans. The internet definitely made things much easier and quicker and helped in clearing many doubts about copyrighted works.

After having worked upon hundreds of such articles, I discovered that articles with expired copyright entered a “public domain” and was accessible by anyone for any purpose; no one could claim any copyright infringement on these works. All materials published in the United States between 1923 and 1964 were issued a 28 year copyright which had to be renewed in the 28th year. If this was not done prior to the expiry date, the project entered the public domain and its copyright could not be refreshed. Any work that was published before 1923 has now automatically entered the public domain without any exceptions. In 1964, copyright laws were changed and works registered in this year were copyrighted for a much longer time. However, in certain cases, publications up to 1978 are found in the public domain.

An expired copyright invites all kinds of infringement and plagiarism. Anyone can use this work at any time for any work. This does not only include printed material but also audios and videos. These projects can be reproduced, reprinted, exhibited, broadcasted, or altered.

Anyone willing to claim copyrights over a public domain item must change it considerably and then apply for the authority of its rights. The project in the original form has been accepted as a copyright expired material therefore, it cannot be registered after the expiry date.

When copying another author’s piece, you must be very careful of his moral and legal rights or your work will be accused of copyright violation. Works dating back to before 1923 are definitely, without any doubt, in the public domain and there is no objection in reproducing it. Any project that interests you and was published between 1923 and 1964 will most probably be in the public domain but its status should be confirmed by checking records at the United States Copyright Office. This can more conveniently be done online. Works dating back to even before 1928 can also be found on many website, is one of the examples.