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With immigration laws becoming more stringent and formalities changing almost every day, you have to be aware of all the rules and regulation when you are planning to move to the United States. If you plan to take care of all the paper work yourself, you can be sure that you will take more time than usual to get everything organized as you may not be aware of all the rules and regulations and paper work that is required. An Immigration Attorney in San Jose can help you streamline the process of application and smooth immigration.

It is tough to find an Immigration attorney in San Jose, in fact you can easily find one by carrying out a search on the internet. You will get a list of immigration attorneys, but you will have to spend some time identifying, who can offer you the best services at a affordable cost. When you have a list of attorneys, make sure you short list at least three or four on the basis of the company, reputation and the clients they may have serviced. Then make sure you speak to each and every one of them, tell them the details of your case and try and understand how they can help you and how much they will charge you for the services they are offering.

When you speak to Immigration Attorney in San Jose make sure you ask them for references from other clients who have deployed their services. When you do this you can get a fair understanding of how well they service their clients and how they can help you out as well. One important aspect of picking an immigration attorney in San Jose is that they can continue to provide you with guidance and support even after the process of immigration is over. Given the proximity you can be sure that they will be available to solve any problems that may arise with regards to your immigration at any time in the future.

The process of immigration can be very tricky and when you are moving to a new country you have to ensure that all the regulations are met with and all your formalities are taken care of. With the help of an Immigration Attorney in San Jose you can be sure that you will always stay within the law.

Canada Analyses Immigration Sponsorship of Parents Grandparents

Ottawa is mulling over giving topmost preference to those single parents whose each and every child is in Canada. This is one choice being considered by the Canadian Immigration Minister.

Other steps in the pipeline include: 1. Increasing the income criteria for those offering sponsorships and making certain that they offer financial assistance to the senior members of the family in the ‘Country above the US’ for the entire lifetime. 2. Settling for the balance of family test wherein the parents and grandparents should have not less than 50% of their kids staying on a permanent basis in the Maple Country to qualify for sponsorship. 3. Putting a ceiling on eligibility for those sponsors who enjoy the citizenship of the nation. At the present, those having the permanent residency status of the nation are entitled to offer sponsorship to their parents and grandparents. 4. Putting a ceiling on the applications to extraordinary situations and cases by necessitating that either the parent or grandparent to be widowed or possess certain other special requirements.

Meanwhile, Jason Kenney, the minister, has reportedly said that the nation is entirely denoted to assisting families reunite. He added that the response of the Canadians will inspire Ottawa to come up with a fresh system under which applications in the future will be looked into as soon as possible, and that there would not be cases of mounting backlogs.

Since the month of November, the nation has ended entertaining sponsorship applications meant for parents and grandparents even as this has been engineered to put a check on the backlog of sponsorship which now touches the 168,500 mark. During 2012, the government intends to accept somewhere in the range of 21,800–25,000 visa applications. During 2011, it was only 14,072.

Canada also introduced the Super Visa (10-year) in the month of December, enabling parents and grandparents to undertake temporary visits to the nation. Kenney further said that the overhauled program must be perfectly in tune with financial restrictions, in view of the rather liberal public health-care program and certain other social advantages offered by the country.

Reportedly, nearly 50% of those who took part in a 2011 survey had declared that they wish that the class of parents and grandparents be brought to an end even as 1,482 participants had also said that they wished that more parents were allowed entry into Canada per annum. However, 1,272 persons had favored restrictions saying that they wished that there be a check on the numbers.

How does the Brazilian Investment visa work,

How does the Brazilian Investment visa work,

In its efforts to increase foreign investment in Brazil, the government has introduced the Brazilian Investment visa.

The Visa has the following criteria:

-then investment of at least R$ 150,000 which is approximately USD$ 75,000 into a Brazilian Company

-that company must display the intention to employ local Brazilians as part of its business plan.

So how does this Brazilian Investment visa work in reality and what can it be used for,

Many individuals enquire if the investment visa can be used for the purchase of Brazilian real estate as well as for living in Brazil. The simple answer is yes it can be as there are no set restrictions on what you can use the money for once you have to introduce get into your Brazilian Company. As a result you can use the funds to purchase a real estate and the company name as such use your real estate investment as a device to obtain a Brazilian Investment visa. Your company will still need to supplement a viable business plan demonstrating the employment of local Brazilian workers. So let us now look at the basic steps involved in obtaining this Brazilian Investment visa.

-firstly a company will be registered in your name with you as the major shareholder and a bank account will be opened for your company. There are several restrictions in relation to operating a Brazilian Company but we will not cover these in this article and if you wish any further information on how Investment Services Brazil resolves this for you please contact them.

-secondly, its Investment Services Brazil will prepare for your business a suitable business plan that meets the criteria required by Brazilian immigration to grant the investment visa. Your business is free to carry on activities outside of this business plan so long as it can demonstrate that its intention is to ultimately provide employment for Brazilians and that its minimum capital requirement remains whether in Brazil. Of course you can repatriate this capital later but should the capital fall under the threshold your visa would be subject to reconsideration.

-the next step is the introduction of your foreign capital into your Brazilian Company. Investment Services Brazil will ensure your foreign capital is correctly registered through Banco Central so that it may be considered by immigration as foreign capital and equally as important, it can be repatriated when you wish to do so. This also includes the ability for you to repatriate profits that are as a result of activities carried out by this seeded capital.

-once the above is in place, for the next step is to submit your visa application along with the business plan, correct identification and banking and corporate documentation. The process will normally take between 60 and 90 days after which time the visa can be collected from any Brazilian embassy outside of Brazil. Generally this should be the Brazilian embassy in your country of residence.

-at this point you are entitled to reside within Brazil, to work and to carry out business including the purchase of Brazilian Real Estate.

Of the above process may look somewhat complicated and truth is that work in the Brazilian bureaucratic system it is indeed a very involved process. However Investment Services Brazil will carry out all of these varied tasks on your behalf to ensure that the Brazilian Investment visa process is as simple and as effective as can be for you.

Important And Common Reasons For Moving to Mexico

There is no doubt that in the past Mexico has lost its importance but there are many reasons due to which people prefer for moving to Mexico. But there are many people who still emphasize upon knowing about some of the major aspects of this country. Let’s move on to solve this problem of people through this article which highlights some of major reasons for moving to most important and main reason that people wants moving to Mexico is that the people of Mexico are without any doubts are calm, composed and friendly; they always have a smile on their faces and welcome their new citizens warmly to make them feel comfortable. They always wish you good luck and with lots of wishes and they would encourage you at every difficult period of your time. They consider a person part of their family and do everything to make them feel comfortable and relax because of new surroundings.

As the market value of Mexico is increasing with the passage of time the more it is becoming desirable especially for the retired people for moving to Mexico. This country provides you with the suitable standard of living and would definitely make you to get rid of the increasing expenditures about which you might have been thinking always. Most importantly by visiting other countries culture and way of living you would be able to learn their habits and daily life in a much better would them in adopting their lifestyle in much easier way. Moreover, heart throbbing beaches, landscapes, and beautiful sceneries would force a person to ones visit Mexico in their lifetime and this is the main reason that people plan for moving to Mexico. The desired glamour and romance is surrounding in every stunning places of Mexico. In case you face the complications to move on in life in Mexico than you can consult your closed ones people who would help you in knowing about the Mexico in a much better way.

As the economic conditions are getting better day by day it can be one of the important benefits for the new people to settle their business by having some partner and when they start understanding it better they can establish their own business independently. Last but not the least reason for moving to Mexico is that Mexico provides the golden chance to choose a house according to his own requirements which is available on suitable prices and on cheaper rates as compared to other countries charges.

In the light of above discussion at the end all those people who are facing the complex situation of higher expenditures and which are not getting suitable requirements in their own country. And who may think that they are living a life which they didn’t wish for so just go ahead and apply for Mexico for moving to Mexico because that’s the only country which can provide you with all the facilities which you are not getting in your own country.

Green Card Lottery Interview Process

Green Card Lottery Interview Process

The month of May will witness a hectic activity at the U.S. Department of State Kentucky Consular Center, as the results of the DV lottery 2013 will be out at that time. Note that you will be able to check your results only through the online entrant status check at dvlottery state gov website. Make sure you keep the confirmation number safe as that is the only option available to check the results. Once you are selected in the program you will receive information regarding the place, date and time of your green card interview. You can expect this 4-6 weeks before the interview date.

Green Card Lottery winners will be called for an interview sometime in October. The interview will go on in ascending case number order and proceed till the visa limit is reached or when the program close date is reached, which ever comes first. Before going to the interview, make sure you read all the instructions carefully and thoroughly at the US Consular Office website. You can also get in touch with the US Embassy in your country to make note of the fees and supporting documents you are required to bring at the time of your interview.

While coming for the interview, you have to bring :

A Police clearance record according to the US Consular officer in your country or any US Embassy nearest to you.

Record for the Medical check up as per the US Consular officer in your country or any US Embassy nearest to you.

Three non refundable fees for the Visa and Green Card processing

Immigrant visa application processing fee (Form DS-230)

Green Card Lottery surcharge for immigrant visa application

Immigrant visa security surcharge, for all Green Card applicants

As the fee structure changes quite often, it is advised to check the latest fee structure before going to the interview. All these fees has to be paid at the embassy. If you became a parent to a new born baby after submitting all the forms that you received from the Kentucky Consular Center and you still did not get the interview letter, get the newborn baby photographed and mail it along with it’s birth certificate to the Kentucky Consular Center. Inform the US Embassy about the newborn. If you already got the interview letter, you are required to bring with you, a photo and birth certificate of the baby and it has to be submitted at the time of your interview.

If you will not be able to attend the interview on the given date, you can request to reschedule it. However, it is best advised not to miss your original interview considering that the visas are limited to 55,000. If you are in the US and won the lottery, you can apply for adjusting status by filing Form I-485 with the USCIS. Beware of scammers. If you receive any email or postal mail that you have been selected, do not believe that.

The only way to check the results is through the online entrant check method. Green Card Lottery is one of the best way to get green card to USA.

How to Find The Right Immigration Lawyer

How to Find The Right Immigration Lawyer

Immigration has been making many headlines in recent years. Globalization has resulted in a rapid influx of people from one country to another. Presently, there are an estimated 191 million immigrants, with the last 50 years seeing an almost doubling of the immigrant population.

With an increasing amount of immigration come increasing challenges and issues surrounding immigration and naturalization laws. One needs to consider many things in order to obtain and maintain the proper immigration status, including: processing requirements and timelines for work permits and visas, different laws from one country to the next, and the ever changing aspects of immigration law. It is always advisable to hire the services of visa lawyers so that careful immigration and visa compliance planning can minimize problems and delays.

It is here that the service of an immigration lawyer comes into the picture. The modern day complexities have shifted the focus to law firms that specialize in immigration issues and nationality laws. There are a number of firms that deal in niche areas such as US immigration laws.

Permanent immigration is the ultimate goal of many people entering or planning to enter the United States. But before this is possible, it is likely one will need a visa.

Immigration lawyers can provide the freedom many people seek to live and work permanently in the U.S. They also can provide the specialized know-how and answers to many questions in their designated field of immigration law.

There are two kinds of visas someone attempting to immigrate to the U.S. can get. One is a permanent visa while the other is the temporary visa. A person who acquires a permanent visa does so without any limit on the number of years they can stay. A person who receives a temporary visa is subject to a yearly limitation. Most non-immigrant visas require you to show that you don’t intend to migrate permanently. For a non-immigrant visa, you have to prove that you have a permanent residence in your home country that you don’t intend to abandon. Some visas are also of “dual intent” which means you may also attempt to obtain permanent U.S. residence through a green card.

Immigration attorneys assist multinational companies in the legal and orderly movement of their global talent across international borders. They also help obtain the necessary work permits and visas for U.S. domestic employees who need to be transferred abroad both temporarily and permanently.

However many companies prefer to keep a retainer immigrant lawyer, these attorneys can also be consulted on an hourly rate for their legal services whenever the need arises. While hiring an immigration lawyer, check that there might be additional costs such as postage, courier fee and long distance charges.

An immigration attorney can be hired through a reference. You can also contact a State Bar Lawyer Referral Service in your state. Another way to find an attorney could be to consult a yellow pages or advertisements in newspapers however these may not be the best option as the best of lawyers don’t advertise their services. The best way to find a qualified lawyer is through referrals from trusted friends, family, and other members of your network.

You can also search for a lawyer on the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) website. AILA is a national association of lawyers and attorneys who teach and practice immigration law, so you can be reasonably certain you’re dealing with someone who understands immigration laws and policies.

Regardless of the method you use, make it a point to interview a few before making the final decision. Check if the lawyer is a member in good standing of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Last but not the least, check the credentials of the immigration lawyers you speak to. Contact your local state bar to find out if your lawyer is licensed and in good standing, and if he or she has ever been subject to disciplinary action.

Emigration And Immigration Across The World

Emigration And Immigration Across The World

Every country in the world has its own immigration policies and laws. Immigration laws refer to the national government policies which control the phenomenon of immigration to their country. These laws vary from country to country and depend upon prevailing political conditions in the country which sway for and against the favor of new immigrants.

Immigration laws of a country are regulated by The United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which states that all the countries allow entry to its own citizens. The international immigration laws come into action when someone applies for a passport, travels from his native country to another country or seeks to enter another country for employment or education. There are different push and pull factors for immigration. Push factors refer primarily to the motive of emigration from the native country. Economic migration due to differential wage rates is the most prominent factor. Escape from poverty in case of labor emigration is a traditional push factor. Natural disasters trigger poverty related emigration.

Employment opportunities and better education standards are important pull factors for immigration. Emigration and immigration are sometimes mandatory in certain contracts of employment. Religious missionaries, employees of international corporations, international non governmental organizations and diplomatic officers are required to work overseas. They are often referred to as “Expatriates”.

Retirement migration from rich countries to low cost countries with better climatic conditions and relaxed lifestyle is a new form of international migration. Certain countries maintain strict laws which regulate the right of entry and internal rights after immigration. These rights include duration of stay and the right to participate in the government. Most countries have laws governing the process of naturalization by which immigrants may become citizens of the country.

To immigrate to a country one needs to apply for a visa, the type and category depends upon the duration of stay and purpose and also upon the governing immigration laws of the host country. Basically there are two visa categories, the immigrant or non immigrant visas. One can apply for the immigration category if he is aiming to settle permanently. The non immigrant categories include tourist and student visas. Before applying for a visa, one needs to understand the host country’ s immigrations laws, difference between cultures, educational and financial eligibilities and other document related formalities. To provide visa related assistance, Immigration services are provided by various Immigration Law firms. These Immigration Law firms are run by successful immigration lawyers and attorneys. These lawyers are experienced in addressing immigration related issues from all over the world. These immigration lawyers have worked in collaboration with experienced immigration consultants from across the globe. Immigration consulting firms provide technical assistance through client guiding sessions. The client interacts with immigration lawyers regarding Student and Tourist visas, Passport assistance, career options abroad, how to apply to various courses and institutes and also regarding the post landing services at the host countries. These law firms also assist their clients in preparing Business visa and Tourist visa applications for all major destinations across the world, including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other European countries.

Immigration consulting firms cater to countless individuals & groups to immigrate successfully to desired destinations. In an effort to boost economies, many developed and wealthy countries like Canada ,offer the Investor Immigration Program for experienced and affluent businessmen to invest and become permanent residents. Many of the Immigration consulting Law firms aim to help the prospective Investors through Investor Immigration services which thoroughly explain the financial eligibilities to the prospective immigrants.

Visa Service centers in India also offer variety of options to their customers depending upon their requirements. A Visa Service counselor understands the need of the customer and then suggests them suitable visa options according to the complexity of the case. Visa Services centers also offer fast track visa services and ease the complication of paper formalities through online applications.

Since Immigration services has a lot to do with government foreign laws and norms, the visa service centre has to keep themselves updated with the new rules and accordingly mould their services. With the stringent migration norms these days, especially after the gloomy recession, countries like UK and US have become very strict with their immigration service providers need to be very smart in offering immigration services to their clients. They need to follow a client centered approach while addressing their specific needs.

Information About Usa Diversity Lottery Visa

Information About Usa Diversity Lottery Visa

Although many people are aware about the Diversity Lottery program but if you are not aware about this program then I will let you know that this program is very exiting for those people who are having hope to enter and live permanently in the United States. US Congress initiated this system in 1990 to allocate the Green cards to the people from the countries that do not have large number immigrants living in the United States. US congress promotes this program only because they want to create the diversity among the people from all over the world by giving the chance to live permanently in USA. Only those certain countries people take part in this program who are the part or native of the qualifying country and the selection process is randomly by the computer.

This program is basically depends upon the lottery and if you aware about the lotteries then you better know that all lotteries depend upon the luck, hope and chance, So Diversity Lottery is same as other lotteries where you can have chance to try your luck to obtain a legal and permanent residency visa to United States. The lottery conducts every year and millions of people participate with the chance and hope to win or obtain the Green Card. According to me this lottery is advisable for those who are looking to live and work legally in USA but before apply green card you have to be clear about the certain rules and conditions such as you are born in country which is qualified for this year lottery program.

Applying process for this lottery is online you just need to fill the form which is available at the official website and make sure that you fill under the guidance of visa experts so that you will not be disqualified only because of errors in application. So if you are going to participate then don’t make these kind of mistakes. Whenever you apply you will receive the authentic id and with this id you can track your visa application or if you are including in lucky chunk of people who obtain the Green Card you will be notified via emails or phone calls.

In the last I must say that this lottery program is one of the attractive visa program offered by the united states government by giving the chance to the people who live and make future in the states of America.

Defense For DWI – Driving While Intoxicated, From Bail Bond Agents

Defense For DWI – Driving While Intoxicated, From Bail Bond Agents

Sudden detention or getting arrested for DWI is supposed to be the scary thing for any person. Whether you are in US or any other place, getting arrested is an embarrassing moment and put you in depression. Most of the people feel highly awkward and even glide down to a state of depression or anxiety. However, the wisest thing is that you hire a bail bond that can get you out immediately. They provide immediate help with paying bail so that you can go home to your family members. There are many Bail Bonds companies that provide sensible and responsive help in filing the case.

Most DWI (driving while intoxicated) defendants need assistance and they need to be able to meet with their attorneys to prepare a solid defense. It is a fact that no one is completely safe in jail. However, most of the times, bail is unaffordable and defendant unable to push the amount to the jail authority. It certainly stuck defendants for unlimited time. So, rather than giving up, it is good to turn to a reputable bail bond agent to help secure your release from jail pending trial. Your bail bondsman will require you to pay only a small percentage of your bail upfront. It is mainly 10 percent of the total amount. After your release, you need to repay the bail bond amount every month until your debt is paid off.

Bail bond agents help defendants by giving them morale support and complete financial assistance as well as provide the easiest and best solution to the problem of not being able to secure their own release from jail following a DWI arrest. Bail bond agents always guide through the procedure and make everything crystal clear to the suspect.

If you are convicted of DWI; then you need to be patient and cooperate with your bond agent. He can provide quality defense and suggest other alternatives. It’s a fact that being defendant you will not be able to discuss your case with anybody and even to your attorney. This is why you need to look for immediate assistance.

Freedom is the first right of every countryman and should be given to them; however due to any accident like DWI (driving while intoxicated), bail bond agents provide them assistance to squeeze out the lock up time. Regardless of how poor you are or how serious the charges against you are, there’s no reason for you to stay in jail until after your trial date.

Canada – A Work Destination

Canada – A Work Destination

Canada one of the most booming industry of the world today is often the centre of attraction as well as envy of the world. When most of the countries have fluctuating economies, Canada enjoys a niche around apex and the secret to the respective success of the economical boosts lies in the unnoticed side of the country, in its migrants. With high number of migrants the country gets every year, who act as a huge assert contribute in holding up the economical graph.

There are two types of migrants a country can get

– Skilled Migrants

The population which aspire and do come to Canada for both living and making a living and are equipped enough to take up the jobs especially those at higher posts fulfilling the required

criterion set for the job profiles. There are a lot of jobs available for skilled jobs, especially in the engineering and medical fields. States like Orlando, Toronto have more of academic facilities thus, a large number of skilled labour and jobs are availed.

One of the leading occupations for skilled workers is that of a Pharmaceutics. The person has to allot suitable drugs for the treatment of the disease of the patient and also look after the effects of the medicine so given on the patient. To get this job one has to acquire a pharmaceutical degree and clear their local exam conducted by the name PCAT. The other well paid job is of an assistant engineer and software developer requiring programming or engineering degree.

– Unskilled Migrants

The neighbouring population who aspires to live and earn their bread and butter from the countries like Canada and thus move on in the country for the same are called migrants. The second category of unskilled migrants also occupies a huge place in the heart of the land. These consists of people who can indulge happily even in the pity jobs like those of cleaning, farm keeping etc. Canada being amongst the greatest producers of the world has all in stock. Provinces like, Montreal and Texas are a bit backward and have a lot of low profile jobs to offer.

One of the best earning occupations are in the natural resources, transport, administration,

business helps etc. People generally take up multiple part time jobs than a single full time one. The best and most earning jobs for unskilled labourers are the helper job. Helpers in a clinic earn lot more and have to perform basic clinic care for the particular clinics which might have dental patients, maternity patients, orthopaedic patients etc. depending on the clinic one chooses. Such work does not require high qualification, a regular school pass out with a diploma in a particular field for year or two would go.

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