It’s Complicated Now To Get Canadian Work Permit Visas Post Kenny’s Announcement

It’s Complicated Now To Get Canadian Work Permit Visas Post Kenny’s Announcement

Jason Kenney, the Canadian minister of Immigration is now all set to gear up the Canada’s labor market by ensuring that all companies within the countries are following the provisional program of foreign work operating on the policy “On the basis of Canadian first”. The strict measures against the foreign work permit has been undertaken due to the fact revealed about a B.C coal mine that employed around 200 Chinese workers immigrated to Canada. The company has given the permit to all these foreign workers leading to a chaos among the Canadian labors for not appointing them in spite of the requisite qualification possessed by them.

The Canadian press agency QMI has divulged the statement of Kenney. The news agency reported that immigration minister is in no mood to allow his country men to be back- seated ion their own land. Kenney says why to give work permits and jobs to the foreign workers if Canada has a pool of talented and proficient workers. In the press conference Kenney stated “Canadian companies are not allowed to offer jobs to the immigrants unless and until a job vacancy advertisement has been shown to the Government proving that a qualified Canadian has been offered this job.”

How Difficult is to attain Work permit to Canada,

In the air of Kenny’s declaration it seems that work permit to Canada is a hard task now. The Canadian immigration ministry post employment of several foreign workers by the Alta based HD Mining International Ltd. Investigations are on for identifying the reason behind the company’s decision to hire such a huge number of foreign employees.

Attaining Canadian work permit is indeed difficult because immigration minister is in full swing to determine the irregularities in the immigration policies and the hitches in the schemes of the immigration of temporary foreign labors. Rules and regulations in this regard would be stricter now.

As per the recruitments in HD Mining International Ltd. is concerned, it is disclosed that Service Canada has approved the “labor market opinion” filed by the company stating that the prospective foreign labors are not negatively impacting the current Canadian labor market.

Kenney even asked the Federal NDP to withdraw the permits of all these Chinese mine workers and to look deep into the matter whether Canadian labors were offered the job positions prior to hiring the foreign workers.

In such an agitated atmosphere among the Canadian workers and the Ministry’s concern about them, it is evident that working in Canada for a foreign worker is going to be tough now.

Apply For US Citizenship Posthumously And Honor The Martyr!

Apply For US Citizenship Posthumously And Honor The Martyr!

An alien or non-citizen national of the United States who dies due to injury or disease suffered during active duty with the US Armed forces during particular period of military warfare is granted US citizenship under the amended Public law 101-249. A certificate of citizenship is issued as a result if the Form N-644 is approved in the name of the departed veteran. As a result it establishes that the decedent is a US citizen as of the date of her/his death.

An honorary status glorifying the martyrs and heroism of the veteran is this posthumous citizenship. Under the section 319(d) of the INA this certificate allows succeeding family members to apply for benefits or remain categorized as immediate relatives for getting lawful permanent residence.

When and who may file Form N-644,

The filing of the application must be done within two years after the decedent’s date of death. It can be filed by one with the relationship to the decedent as spouse, parent, children or sibling. As a representative of the decedent in case you are manager or organizer of the decedent’s estate also you may apply. Also if you are custodian, conservator or board of decedent’s next of kin you are a representative of the decedent and can apply for US citizenship for him/her. In case you are from a service organization which the department of veteran affairs recognizes or the secretary of defense or the designee of the secretary with USCIS following a request from next of kin you are considered a representative of the decedent and hence eligible to file Form N-644.

Eligibility requirements to file

The decedent who qualifies for posthumous citizenship must be an alien or non-citizen national of US and meet one of the following requirements:

Documents required for filing Form N-644

Decedent’s service and death documentation

A legible photocopy of each of the following required to facilitate recognition of the decedent’s military service and death connected to service by the executive departments:

A translated English copy is required if any of the documents are not in English. The certification process will be delayed if any of these documents are not submitted but may not result in automatic denial of application.

Where to file Form N-644,

The form must be submitted to the following address:

USCIS California Service Center

P.O. Box 10360

Laguna Niguel, CA 92607

For this application no filing fee is collected. Any changes in the address must be informed to the USCIS. Once the application is submitted it would be checked for completeness and correct support documents and evidences the decision would be notified in writing. No interview is involved is application is approved but if applicant stays outside US he/she may be required to appear at the closest embassy or consulate to sign for the citizenship certificate.

Immigration – Feds Tweak Student Visa Program

The J-1 visa is one of the visas of USA that people usually try to acquire. Several times it is applied along with F-1 visa for students. Many foreigners, who are looking to work in USA on full time goes for this visa and even try to live there permanently on J1 visa.

In general terms the J-1 Visa is for internship or trainee program for students. The program has been divided into two categories, which often named as Internship or Professional Career Training (PCT).

The major difference between these two categories is that if you are for Internship stream you can only apply for this when you are still a student. Professional Career Training stream it is for those who have already graduated one year back and even those who do not have relevant qualification but have minimum five year experience.

This visa J-1 is a work travel program, which allows students to earn while they are in USA. This program offered from the State Department, but they also relied upon sponsors and private companies for recruiting and supervising the foreign students, while they are in USA.

If you are looking out for this visa, then there are some of the organizations, who help by providing J1 visa. Intrax, CIEE and many more are helpful in acquiring this kind of visas. Nevertheless, one thing you should keep in mind that you will have to pay some additional fees apart from the J-1 visa program fees.

With the help of these sponsor organizations, many students have been placed every year in USA. But, some problems came into existence recently. Some companies started taking undue advantage of this, by not providing proper payout.

Due to this and some other reasons recently few weeks back, the department of USA took a step towards the issue. The change in policy is made after the past incidents. Such as few years back, several foreign students sponsored by a company were placed at Hershey’s packaging plant in Pennsylvania and they were forced to work for long extra hours without even getting paid as much they have to be according to the working hours. As per the sources it is said that those students who tried to complain, were threatened for deportation if they do not work as per their rules and conditions.

The decision of the bar Council for Educational Travel, amounts to some tweaks in the program and for that the State Department has to agree on protecting visiting scholars for the positive and clean image of United States. This program implemented 50 years ago but nowadays, it is becoming a process of getting cheap labour, which recently came forward and if it continues, it will prove negative for the image of USA.

This article provide a brief information on what J-1 visa is and who can apply for it on what basis, what are the conditions, and what are some of the issues that have been raised previously, which have recently been revealed to the public.

New Proposed Rule Will Enable Uscis to Process Certain Eb5 Visa Applications

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is now seeking comments from the public on a new proposed rule that was published in the Federal Register on September 27, 2011 and regards the EB-5 Immigrant Investor visa. This proposed rule, if finalized, will give USCIS the power to process particular EB-5 Immigrant Investor applications by immigrant investors that were approved between 1995 and 1998 under the fifth preference category of the U.S. immigrant visa program, the EB-5 category.

This proposed rule, if finalized, will implement certain parts of the 21st Century Department of Justice Appropriations Authorization Act and will apply to immigrant investors who received approval of their Forms I-526, the Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, between January 1, 1995, and August 31, 1998.

This rule applies in particular to and enables USCIS to process cases for the roughly 580 primary immigrant investors (and dependents) who received approval of their Forms I-526 during the above-stated time periods and who attempted to either register for permanent residence in the U.S. or adjust status (through Form I-485) or remove the conditions placed on permanent residence obtained as an alien entrepreneur (through Form I-829), prior to November 2, 2002.

In the proposed rule, most of these immigrant investors would be given another two-year period to meet requirements of the EB-5 program, as well as requirements to create jobs for U.S. workers. The proposed rule, if finalized, will not, however, apply to any other EB-5-related applications or petitions.

The public will be given 60 days to submit comments on the proposal, which is available by visiting .

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor visa program supports foreign investment in the United States by giving foreign nationals who invest at least $500,000 in a U.S. company or companies that lead to and maintain at least 10 full-time jobs in the United States, a path to citizenship. Ten thousand green cards are available each year for applicable immigrant investors, who, after a particular period of time, will be able to apply for citizenship, as will their applicable dependents.

To date, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor program has spurred growth by bringing more than $1.5 billion in foreign investments to the United States. Roughly 31,000 full-time jobs have been created in the United States through this immigrant visa program. Immigration lawyers regularly work closely with foreign national investors and U.S.-based organizations and centers to assist in the process of applying for and obtaining EB-5 status.

The Tale Behind the Crime of Illegal Immigrant

The issue of crime related to Illegal Immigrants is more expensive than thought of. Manhattan Institute Scholar Heather MacDonald reports, out of all the warrants of homicide about 95% are targeted at illegal aliens. In another report it is revealed that 75% of the fugitive felony warrants are against them. The scholar has also reported that 60% of Hispanic gangs in California are comprised by the illegal entities. They are supposedly involved in assaults, robberies and other unsocial acts.

Within a period of 7 years from 1999 to 2006 more than 900,000 offences were committed by the illegal immigrants all over the US.

The nation has to bear a lot of expenditure in terms of money due to these miscreants. Apart from the social disturbance the burden is monetary too.

Centre for Immigration Studies indicate that in 2002 the federal government had to bear an expenditure of $26billion. Out of this huge amount $16 billion was paid in Federal taxes and rest of it was represented as fiscal deficit every year. The deficit impacted the other aids like Medicaid, medical treatment, food assistance programs and others.

These immigrants arriving and staying here are more of a burden due to their “less of education property”. Most of them have not even cleared their high schools exams. Hence they are no good for making any contribution to the country even when they are legally caught and imprisoned.

The presence and existence of such people adds the tax burden to the citizens. Every year the tax payers are bearing a cost of $100,000.

There are examples when these illegal immigrants have been used and exploited by the natives. Some companies hire them at a rate of $8 per hour whereas the actual wage is $16 per hour.

In spite of so many repercussions the bill to deal with illegal immigration is not implemented. Voters are their leaders are not a part of legislation making process. It is somebody else who is looking into the whole affair and has nothing got do with the cost.

The reality of illegal immigration is that it makes the pocket of the taxpayers quite difficult as they have to pay for no constructive job done. They are doing it because they are supposed to do it.

Some people are purposefully quite on the issue because they are making huge profits out of this venture. All the big prison companies make huge profits out of these illegal immigrants. They continue to enjoy the gains as the law locks up more and more illegal immigrants every day.

The tax payers realise that their burden is growing heavier and heavier but they have very little option as they cannot play any role in preparation and implementation of the law and legislation. Things are handled by the bunch of people who do not seem to be affected by the tax burden due to illegal immigrants.

Immigration Attorney in San Jose – Find Expertise And Get Legal Solutions For Immigration Issues

With immigration laws becoming more stringent and formalities changing almost every day, you have to be aware of all the rules and regulation when you are planning to move to the United States. If you plan to take care of all the paper work yourself, you can be sure that you will take more time than usual to get everything organized as you may not be aware of all the rules and regulations and paper work that is required. An Immigration Attorney in San Jose can help you streamline the process of application and smooth immigration.

It is tough to find an Immigration attorney in San Jose, in fact you can easily find one by carrying out a search on the internet. You will get a list of immigration attorneys, but you will have to spend some time identifying, who can offer you the best services at a affordable cost. When you have a list of attorneys, make sure you short list at least three or four on the basis of the company, reputation and the clients they may have serviced. Then make sure you speak to each and every one of them, tell them the details of your case and try and understand how they can help you and how much they will charge you for the services they are offering.

When you speak to Immigration Attorney in San Jose make sure you ask them for references from other clients who have deployed their services. When you do this you can get a fair understanding of how well they service their clients and how they can help you out as well. One important aspect of picking an immigration attorney in San Jose is that they can continue to provide you with guidance and support even after the process of immigration is over. Given the proximity you can be sure that they will be available to solve any problems that may arise with regards to your immigration at any time in the future.

The process of immigration can be very tricky and when you are moving to a new country you have to ensure that all the regulations are met with and all your formalities are taken care of. With the help of an Immigration Attorney in San Jose you can be sure that you will always stay within the law.

Canada Analyses Immigration Sponsorship of Parents Grandparents

Ottawa is mulling over giving topmost preference to those single parents whose each and every child is in Canada. This is one choice being considered by the Canadian Immigration Minister.

Other steps in the pipeline include: 1. Increasing the income criteria for those offering sponsorships and making certain that they offer financial assistance to the senior members of the family in the ‘Country above the US’ for the entire lifetime. 2. Settling for the balance of family test wherein the parents and grandparents should have not less than 50% of their kids staying on a permanent basis in the Maple Country to qualify for sponsorship. 3. Putting a ceiling on eligibility for those sponsors who enjoy the citizenship of the nation. At the present, those having the permanent residency status of the nation are entitled to offer sponsorship to their parents and grandparents. 4. Putting a ceiling on the applications to extraordinary situations and cases by necessitating that either the parent or grandparent to be widowed or possess certain other special requirements.

Meanwhile, Jason Kenney, the minister, has reportedly said that the nation is entirely denoted to assisting families reunite. He added that the response of the Canadians will inspire Ottawa to come up with a fresh system under which applications in the future will be looked into as soon as possible, and that there would not be cases of mounting backlogs.

Since the month of November, the nation has ended entertaining sponsorship applications meant for parents and grandparents even as this has been engineered to put a check on the backlog of sponsorship which now touches the 168,500 mark. During 2012, the government intends to accept somewhere in the range of 21,800–25,000 visa applications. During 2011, it was only 14,072.

Canada also introduced the Super Visa (10-year) in the month of December, enabling parents and grandparents to undertake temporary visits to the nation. Kenney further said that the overhauled program must be perfectly in tune with financial restrictions, in view of the rather liberal public health-care program and certain other social advantages offered by the country.

Reportedly, nearly 50% of those who took part in a 2011 survey had declared that they wish that the class of parents and grandparents be brought to an end even as 1,482 participants had also said that they wished that more parents were allowed entry into Canada per annum. However, 1,272 persons had favored restrictions saying that they wished that there be a check on the numbers.

How does the Brazilian Investment visa work,

How does the Brazilian Investment visa work,

In its efforts to increase foreign investment in Brazil, the government has introduced the Brazilian Investment visa.

The Visa has the following criteria:

-then investment of at least R$ 150,000 which is approximately USD$ 75,000 into a Brazilian Company

-that company must display the intention to employ local Brazilians as part of its business plan.

So how does this Brazilian Investment visa work in reality and what can it be used for,

Many individuals enquire if the investment visa can be used for the purchase of Brazilian real estate as well as for living in Brazil. The simple answer is yes it can be as there are no set restrictions on what you can use the money for once you have to introduce get into your Brazilian Company. As a result you can use the funds to purchase a real estate and the company name as such use your real estate investment as a device to obtain a Brazilian Investment visa. Your company will still need to supplement a viable business plan demonstrating the employment of local Brazilian workers. So let us now look at the basic steps involved in obtaining this Brazilian Investment visa.

-firstly a company will be registered in your name with you as the major shareholder and a bank account will be opened for your company. There are several restrictions in relation to operating a Brazilian Company but we will not cover these in this article and if you wish any further information on how Investment Services Brazil resolves this for you please contact them.

-secondly, its Investment Services Brazil will prepare for your business a suitable business plan that meets the criteria required by Brazilian immigration to grant the investment visa. Your business is free to carry on activities outside of this business plan so long as it can demonstrate that its intention is to ultimately provide employment for Brazilians and that its minimum capital requirement remains whether in Brazil. Of course you can repatriate this capital later but should the capital fall under the threshold your visa would be subject to reconsideration.

-the next step is the introduction of your foreign capital into your Brazilian Company. Investment Services Brazil will ensure your foreign capital is correctly registered through Banco Central so that it may be considered by immigration as foreign capital and equally as important, it can be repatriated when you wish to do so. This also includes the ability for you to repatriate profits that are as a result of activities carried out by this seeded capital.

-once the above is in place, for the next step is to submit your visa application along with the business plan, correct identification and banking and corporate documentation. The process will normally take between 60 and 90 days after which time the visa can be collected from any Brazilian embassy outside of Brazil. Generally this should be the Brazilian embassy in your country of residence.

-at this point you are entitled to reside within Brazil, to work and to carry out business including the purchase of Brazilian Real Estate.

Of the above process may look somewhat complicated and truth is that work in the Brazilian bureaucratic system it is indeed a very involved process. However Investment Services Brazil will carry out all of these varied tasks on your behalf to ensure that the Brazilian Investment visa process is as simple and as effective as can be for you.

Important And Common Reasons For Moving to Mexico

There is no doubt that in the past Mexico has lost its importance but there are many reasons due to which people prefer for moving to Mexico. But there are many people who still emphasize upon knowing about some of the major aspects of this country. Let’s move on to solve this problem of people through this article which highlights some of major reasons for moving to most important and main reason that people wants moving to Mexico is that the people of Mexico are without any doubts are calm, composed and friendly; they always have a smile on their faces and welcome their new citizens warmly to make them feel comfortable. They always wish you good luck and with lots of wishes and they would encourage you at every difficult period of your time. They consider a person part of their family and do everything to make them feel comfortable and relax because of new surroundings.

As the market value of Mexico is increasing with the passage of time the more it is becoming desirable especially for the retired people for moving to Mexico. This country provides you with the suitable standard of living and would definitely make you to get rid of the increasing expenditures about which you might have been thinking always. Most importantly by visiting other countries culture and way of living you would be able to learn their habits and daily life in a much better would them in adopting their lifestyle in much easier way. Moreover, heart throbbing beaches, landscapes, and beautiful sceneries would force a person to ones visit Mexico in their lifetime and this is the main reason that people plan for moving to Mexico. The desired glamour and romance is surrounding in every stunning places of Mexico. In case you face the complications to move on in life in Mexico than you can consult your closed ones people who would help you in knowing about the Mexico in a much better way.

As the economic conditions are getting better day by day it can be one of the important benefits for the new people to settle their business by having some partner and when they start understanding it better they can establish their own business independently. Last but not the least reason for moving to Mexico is that Mexico provides the golden chance to choose a house according to his own requirements which is available on suitable prices and on cheaper rates as compared to other countries charges.

In the light of above discussion at the end all those people who are facing the complex situation of higher expenditures and which are not getting suitable requirements in their own country. And who may think that they are living a life which they didn’t wish for so just go ahead and apply for Mexico for moving to Mexico because that’s the only country which can provide you with all the facilities which you are not getting in your own country.

Green Card Lottery Interview Process

Green Card Lottery Interview Process

The month of May will witness a hectic activity at the U.S. Department of State Kentucky Consular Center, as the results of the DV lottery 2013 will be out at that time. Note that you will be able to check your results only through the online entrant status check at dvlottery state gov website. Make sure you keep the confirmation number safe as that is the only option available to check the results. Once you are selected in the program you will receive information regarding the place, date and time of your green card interview. You can expect this 4-6 weeks before the interview date.

Green Card Lottery winners will be called for an interview sometime in October. The interview will go on in ascending case number order and proceed till the visa limit is reached or when the program close date is reached, which ever comes first. Before going to the interview, make sure you read all the instructions carefully and thoroughly at the US Consular Office website. You can also get in touch with the US Embassy in your country to make note of the fees and supporting documents you are required to bring at the time of your interview.

While coming for the interview, you have to bring :

A Police clearance record according to the US Consular officer in your country or any US Embassy nearest to you.

Record for the Medical check up as per the US Consular officer in your country or any US Embassy nearest to you.

Three non refundable fees for the Visa and Green Card processing

Immigrant visa application processing fee (Form DS-230)

Green Card Lottery surcharge for immigrant visa application

Immigrant visa security surcharge, for all Green Card applicants

As the fee structure changes quite often, it is advised to check the latest fee structure before going to the interview. All these fees has to be paid at the embassy. If you became a parent to a new born baby after submitting all the forms that you received from the Kentucky Consular Center and you still did not get the interview letter, get the newborn baby photographed and mail it along with it’s birth certificate to the Kentucky Consular Center. Inform the US Embassy about the newborn. If you already got the interview letter, you are required to bring with you, a photo and birth certificate of the baby and it has to be submitted at the time of your interview.

If you will not be able to attend the interview on the given date, you can request to reschedule it. However, it is best advised not to miss your original interview considering that the visas are limited to 55,000. If you are in the US and won the lottery, you can apply for adjusting status by filing Form I-485 with the USCIS. Beware of scammers. If you receive any email or postal mail that you have been selected, do not believe that.

The only way to check the results is through the online entrant check method. Green Card Lottery is one of the best way to get green card to USA.