Immigration Laws For Dual Citizenship And Offshore Accounts

Immigration Laws For Dual Citizenship And Offshore Accounts

The topic of immigration is one that is much debated today. There are many immigration laws surrounding the use of offshore accounts and dual citizenship. When a person applies for dual citizenship, they will need to meet several criteria before dual citizenship is granted.

When applying for dual citizenship, you will find that there are many pieces of documentation that you will need. Many find it much more effective to hire an attorney or legal representative to help with the process of applying for dual citizenship for any country. Using an attorney can speed up the process of being granted dual citizenship.

It is important to understand that the immigration laws do not directly apply to offshore accounts. However, when working on opening offshore accounts for your business, you will find that the process is more effective if you do have a dual citizenship with that country. Immigration laws will not directly affect the offshore accounts however.

Immigration laws vary by country. Some have very open immigration laws while others have very strict immigration laws. When you are planning to enter a country and request a citizenship from that country, you will need to follow all of the immigration laws that apply within that country itself.

Offshore accounts are commonly used by businesses that have a branch office in another country. The benefits of using offshore accounts include the ability to move money into and out of the country virtually unrestricted as well as having the benefit of the income being tax free to another country.

When opening offshore accounts, you will find that there are very few restrictions on these accounts. However it will be important that you are aware of any regulations that apply within that specific country. Most are very similar, but some do not offer the same benefits as others. It will be important that you fully understand the requirements prior to opening an account.

Today many businesses are finding that branching out into other countries is a fairly easy task. Additionally it allows them to increase profits while not increasing their tax rates. By doing so, many are finding that they are able to produce more profits for their business. Additionally there are other benefits to having an incorporated branch in another country that supports offshore activities.

Having a branch of your corporation in another country offers you the ability to protect assets when another branch may be having financial difficulties. By transferring ownership temporarily to another country, you can deal with the financial problems you are experiencing and still have the ability to retain certain types of assets for use after the financial issues have been resolved.

How to File US Citizenship Application For Haiti Victims,

How to File US Citizenship Application For Haiti Victims,

A massive disaster struck Haiti in the form of a high intensity earthquake which resulted in a total devastation of Haiti. Help Haiti Act of 2010 was signed into law by the US President to help the Haiti victims. This will enable certain Haitian orphans to be paroled into the US. After this, they will be entitled to the status of lawful permanent residents and get green cards( Can later file their Citizenship Application)

A very important thing to be noted here is that this law does not directly grant US Citizenship to the Haiti Victims. It is the first step leading towards US Citizenship. Applications to get a green card under this law may be filed at any time on or before December 9, 2013.

What are the eligibility criteria,

A Haiti victim has to satisfy the following criteria before he/she can apply for Green Card and subsequently file their Citizenship Application.

What all should the victim file,

The prime thing to be noted here is the last date for receiving the applications which has been set as December 9, 2013. Applications received after this date will be rejected (Application fee will be returned though!)

Filing Location

After ensuring that the application is error free and complete, the applicants have to mail it to the USCIS office at Phoenix

What happens after submitting the application,

After filing the application the applicant will be notified to appear for the biometric test at an Application Support Center (ASC). We will also send you an appointment notice if your case requires us to interview you.

If the Form I-485 is approved, then the applicant will receive the Green Card approximately after two weeks of the approval date. After getting their green card, they can then proceed to file their Citizenship Application ( only after meeting the listed conditions )

Citizenship Application

In order for a Haitian parolee to gain automatic US citizenship, they need to be adopted by US Citizens mandatorily. A Haiti victim should satisfy the requirements of INA (Sections 320&322) if they have been conferred with the legal permanent resident status through the Haiti act and have been adopted by a US Citizen. This should have been completed before their 18th birthday.

In order to get US Citizenship through their adopted parents, a child must have been adopted before its 16th birthday .This is the general rule for filing Citizenship Application through parents. But in the case of Haiti victims, children who have been adopted up to the age of 18 can file in their Citizenship application to get citizenship through their adopted parents.

If a Haitian victim fails to meet the criteria for obtaining Citizenship through their parents then they should go through the standard route of filing their Citizenship Application

Immigration Form I-824 is Required to Expedite Your Entry to The Us

Immigration Form I-824 is Required to Expedite Your Entry to The Us

Person who has become lawful permanent resident after marriage but was not able to take spouse along to US, this Form I-824 follow to join application can be used. In this case a separate Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative need not be filed instead US consulate just needs to be informed that as you are a lawful permanent resident and apply for immigrant visa for your spouse. Your spouse need not wait any further for availability of a visa number. Similarly if your children were born before you became a green card holder they also may apply to join you.

Eligibility to fill Form I-824

Primary applicant qualifies if one of the following criteria is met:

Immigration was through the diversity lotteryImmigration was through employment basisUS citizen relative helped you to immigrate.

The foreign applicant should be either one of the following:

Spouse or unmarried child below 21 years of age of the US lawful permanent residentSpouse through marriage before the green card was got by the primary applicantChild who was born before the green card was got by the primary applicantStep child from marriage (which existed at the time of admission to US) of primary applicant.Legally adopted child prior to primary applicant’s admission to US.

Following should be submitted to USCIS if you are eligible:

Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition, Form I-824Green card’s photocopy.Photo copy of the petition or application used to apply for immigrant statusPhotocopy of Notice of action, Form I-797 used for your original application or petition

Application Information

There are five parts of the Form I-824 to be filled completely to avoid rejection

Part I: Primary applicant information which includes the family name, organization name, business or residence address, mailing address, telephone number where you can be reached during day, home country, country of citizenship, date of birth, Internal Revenue Service tax number of the business, Alien registration number and the social security number in US.

Part II: Reason for request whichever appropriate should be selected.

Part III: Additional Information requested about the original petition or application.

Part IV: Signature with date without which the form is considered incomplete.

Part V: Signature of the person preparing the form if it’s not the applicant along with date and address.

The Form I-824 application must be submitted at the correct USCIS Lockbox facility along with the check or money order for $405 as filing fee payable to U.S Department of Homeland Security. A person who has been granted asylum or refugee status in the United States may petition to have his or her spouse and/or unmarried children follow-to-join him or her in the United States using a Form I-730, Refugee/Asylee Relative Petition.

You can choose if you require an email or text message notification of acceptance using Form G-1145 which is for E-notification of application or petition acceptance. After the application is checked for completeness in writing you will receive whatever the decision.

UK Marriage Visa Applications Submission Inside The UK

UK Marriage Visa Applications Submission Inside The UK

UK marriage visa applications submission inside the UK

When applying for UK marriage visa or any related visa while inside the UK, Immigration law dictates that you have legitimate relationships that are legally bound by law. This type of application will be deal with as an application related to your previous applications, although your UK visa if approved will be categorized to another visa type. This is a simple process if you have all the requirements readily available for submission.

With the submissions, you should be able to have the forms accomplished with the designated instructions followed. Forms should be filled up in capitalized print using black ink. The forms should be submitted to the immigration offices with the necessary documents that are defined in the guidelines of the applications. All legal documents, should as much as possible be original copies. If this is not possible, you need to send certified copies. The certified copies should have attached letters of explanations on the reasons why it is no possible to submit the original copies.

When all of these are accomplished, you need to submit the applications officially. These can be sent by mail post or hand carried personally to the necessary offices. When mailing by post, applications should be sent to the defined office address on the guidelines for the submission. Keep all paper works inside the same envelop when mailing your applications. For the submission of applications form and documents personally, applicants should submit them to visa public enquiry offices. For these types of applications, appointments are necessary.

There are necessary guidelines to the submission of UK visa applications. The following discussions will be tackling the details of the applications submissions for the UK marriage visa indie the UK.

Public Enquiry Visa applications submissions – Applications made in person

During personal submissions of UK visa, couples should be present for the submission as much as possible. If not, then a letter of explanation is needed for the submission. At least one of the partners, husband or wife should be present for the application.

Applications in Public enquiry offices need to have biometric information enrolled. These are also required for all dependents included in the applications. These are necessary finger printing and facial photographs required for identification purposes. This is part of the process for visa application to ensure that proper identification is done prior to the acceptance of the applications.

Fees need to be paid during the appointments. This is necessary for your applications and biometrics are dealt with and processed. When applications are processed and approved, you permission to stay will be extended. A biometric residence permit will be sent through mail by post. This permit will be sent to the address you provided in the application forms submitted so it is vital to have all the necessary applications complete with accurate information. The contact details will also be used in cases clarifications are needed for your applications, or if additional requirements are demanded by the public enquiry offices.

Mailed by Post application submission

When applying by post, your biometric information will still be needed by the public enquiry offices. You should include in your applications an enrolment for the biometrics. For the biometrics, you will be required to provide finger prints and photographs as part of the applications. You should book these appointments as part of the applications.

Booking for the biometrics are necessary for the applications for the UK marriage visa. Both principal applicants and dependents are required to have their finger prints and photographs taken by the public enquiry offices. Dependents 6 years and older are required to have their biometrics taken; guardians need to be available for the taking of finger prints and photographs. Applications without or failing to have biometrics included or taken will be rejected automatically.

Notices will be given to applicants upon the processing and decision on the applications. The biometric residence permit will be sent along with the notice if approved. The notice will be sent over 5 days after the submission. Applicants can call the public enquiry offices after 7 days if no notice has been issued or sent.

Abhinav Jumps to Canada Visa Seekers Rescue Favors Legal Action!

Abhinav Jumps to Canada Visa Seekers Rescue Favors Legal Action!

With Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) discarding its long-followed “first in, first out” policy of processing in favor of the new policy under which those who submit an application under the present Occupation List are given a priority, those people who had applied for the same earlier have been hit rather hard.

On July 1, this year, it was further disclosed that the CIC would keep on entertaining fresh applications under its federal skilled worker imitative. Despite the fact the annual quota has been slashed by as much as 50%, the impact of the development is that those, who had applied prior to July 1, have been shifted further down the processing queue which is already too long.

The immigration visa section of Canada at New Delhi has stated that it has no plans whatsoever to evaluate – neither this year nor the next year – those applications which had been submitted prior to February 27, 2009 (pre-Bill C-50). The concerned body has also not made any kind of promise that it would evaluate such applications even post 2012.

This leaves the FSW Applicants with three alternatives, namely,(1) Re-apply in case their vocation is mentioned on the 2011/12 Occupation List;(2) Sit idle believing that their file would be evaluated while they are still alive or(3) Compel the Canadian Federal Court to issue a verdict that their files be assessed.

Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. has decided to explore the third alternative – the legal one – for those who are ready for the same. For this, it is employing the services of a renowned, attorney and general counsel, Mr. Timothy E. Leahy, who has the authority to practice before the Canadian and the US federal courts. The immigration consultancy in question intends to file a petition in the Federal Court of Canada – seeking an order that pressurizes the CIC to process the applications of those applicants who have been hit hard, and who have decided to seek relief through legal methods.

As it is a court case and if filed, the judgment could go favor either of the party. Still, gross injustice brought about by the CIC via its introduction of a new process implies that the Federal Court of the country could be expected to mull over the petition, as the conduct of the CIC is against the basic principles of Canada for which the country is known the world over.

Ready to Take The Naturalization Test After Applying For US Citizenship,

Ready to Take The Naturalization Test After Applying For US Citizenship,

The acquisition of citizenship and nationality by somebody who was not a citizen of that country at the time of birth is Naturalization. A foreign citizen or national after he or she fulfills the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is granted U.S. citizenship by the Naturalization process.

Generally the applicant should hold a legal status as a full-time resident for a minimum period of time and that the applicant promise to obey and uphold that country’s laws, to which an oath or pledge of allegiance is sometimes added and the basic requirements for naturalization.

The initial parameters on naturalization were set by the Naturalization Act of 1795: “free, White persons” who had been resident for five years or more. Part of the Alien and Sedition Acts, the Naturalization Act of 1798, the residency requirement was extended from five to fourteen years and was passed by the Federalists. The immigrants who were involved in Democratic-Republican Party politics, specifically Irish and French, were targeted. In 1802 it was repealed.

Honorably discharged Army veterans of any war were allowed to petition for naturalization, according to an 1862 law, after only one year of residence in the United States without having filed a declaration of intent. Honorably discharged 5-year veterans of the Navy or Marine Corps were extended the same privilege as per an 1894 law. Under an act of May 9, 1918 over 192,000 aliens were naturalized between May 9, 1918, and June 30, 1919. Preferential treatment provisions for veterans continued by laws enacted in 1919, 1926, 1940, and 1952.

All persons born in the U.S., and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens regardless of race with passage of the Fourteenth Amendment. Initially Citizenship by birth in the United States was not granted to Asians until 1898, when the Supreme Court held that the Fourteenth Amendment did apply to Asians born in the United States in United States v. Wong Kim Ark.

Today to apply for US citizenship lawful permanent resident aliens minimum 18 years of age should have resided in the U.S. for at least five years, unless they continue to be married to a U.S. citizen, in which case they can apply after three years of permanent residency.

As part of the process of applying for US citizenship applicants need to take up a naturalization test after filing Form N-400.

A USCIS Officer will ask you questions during naturalization interview about your application and background. Unless you qualify for an exemption or waiver, you will also take an English and civics test. The English test consists of three components viz., reading, writing, and speaking. Important U.S. history and government topics are covered by the civics test

Speaking Test

During your eligibility interview on Form N-400, Application for Naturalization your ability to speak English will be determined by a USCIS Officer.

Reading Test

To demonstrate an ability to read in English you must read one out of three sentences correctly.

Writing Test

To demonstrate an ability to write in English you must write one out of three sentences correctly.

Civics Test

On the naturalization test there are 100 civics questions. You will be asked up to 10 questions from the list of 100 questions during your naturalization interview. To pass the civics test you must answer correctly at least six (6) of the 10 questions. Each applicant has two opportunities to take the English and civics tests. You will be retested on the portion of the test that you failed within 90 days if you fail any portion of the test during your first interview.

Study material as a multilingual DVD subtitled in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean is designed to help you pass the U.S. Citizenship & Naturalization test. Tips by experts on the new test redesigned as of October 1st 2008 and interactive guide on U.S. history, civics & English are also covered in the DVD.

Good Reasons to Choose Singapore For Your Immigration

Good Reasons to Choose Singapore For Your Immigration

Are you looking for immigration to a foreign country to start a fresh life, Or looking for a job abroad, Else you want to experience varied cultures, Then Singapore is the place where you can spend a relaxed life with a civilized job in hand.

According to a Survey that was conducted recently, Singapore was chosen as one of the best countries of the world to live from. Singapore has many reasons which contribute for selecting the country as the best place to live from. The reasons are as follows:

Peaceful Environment: Singapore has excellent climatic conditions. Singapore has never experienced any type of natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons etc.

Networking Gateway: the geographical location of Singapore is perfect due to which most of the international firms have set up bases in the country to increase their accessibility between Asia & Middle East. Most of the overseas people are also choosing Singapore as their route to gain international work experience & enhance English language skills. According to them this will improve their move to countries like USA, Europe & Australia. Singapore has emerged as a gateway for both businessmen & jobseekers.

Efficient Law and Order: the law & order in the country is efficiently maintained in Singapore. You will never come across any type of complaints or disputes in the country. Someone found disobeying the law & order are strictly fined and jailed.

Safe Living: the crime rate is comparatively low than other countries. You can move around safely on the streets of Singapore.

Simple Immigration Rules: the immigration rules of Singapore simple and it is quite easy to get the visa on submission of required documents.

Flexible Transportation System: Traveling in Singapore is not a tough job and takes very less time to move from one end of the country to other due to good transportation facility & small size of the country.

Good Education System: Education is available to all students. Singapore has many standard schools; colleges & universities. There are many private institutions in the country in which many overseas students get enrolled for their studies. Most of the students prefer to continue working in Singapore after completion of their education.

Singapore is completely a secure country for foreigners and they need not have to worry about their jobs and any investments made in the country. The economic status of Singapore is stable & with good political atmosphere the country is successful in attracting foreigners. Singapore is always in search of talented people, if you have sufficient skills & knowledge then this is the right place for your migration. If you migrate to Singapore and choose to get permanently settle here then you can even apply for Singapore Citizenship.

It’s Complicated Now To Get Canadian Work Permit Visas Post Kenny’s Announcement

It’s Complicated Now To Get Canadian Work Permit Visas Post Kenny’s Announcement

Jason Kenney, the Canadian minister of Immigration is now all set to gear up the Canada’s labor market by ensuring that all companies within the countries are following the provisional program of foreign work operating on the policy “On the basis of Canadian first”. The strict measures against the foreign work permit has been undertaken due to the fact revealed about a B.C coal mine that employed around 200 Chinese workers immigrated to Canada. The company has given the permit to all these foreign workers leading to a chaos among the Canadian labors for not appointing them in spite of the requisite qualification possessed by them.

The Canadian press agency QMI has divulged the statement of Kenney. The news agency reported that immigration minister is in no mood to allow his country men to be back- seated ion their own land. Kenney says why to give work permits and jobs to the foreign workers if Canada has a pool of talented and proficient workers. In the press conference Kenney stated “Canadian companies are not allowed to offer jobs to the immigrants unless and until a job vacancy advertisement has been shown to the Government proving that a qualified Canadian has been offered this job.”

How Difficult is to attain Work permit to Canada,

In the air of Kenny’s declaration it seems that work permit to Canada is a hard task now. The Canadian immigration ministry post employment of several foreign workers by the Alta based HD Mining International Ltd. Investigations are on for identifying the reason behind the company’s decision to hire such a huge number of foreign employees.

Attaining Canadian work permit is indeed difficult because immigration minister is in full swing to determine the irregularities in the immigration policies and the hitches in the schemes of the immigration of temporary foreign labors. Rules and regulations in this regard would be stricter now.

As per the recruitments in HD Mining International Ltd. is concerned, it is disclosed that Service Canada has approved the “labor market opinion” filed by the company stating that the prospective foreign labors are not negatively impacting the current Canadian labor market.

Kenney even asked the Federal NDP to withdraw the permits of all these Chinese mine workers and to look deep into the matter whether Canadian labors were offered the job positions prior to hiring the foreign workers.

In such an agitated atmosphere among the Canadian workers and the Ministry’s concern about them, it is evident that working in Canada for a foreign worker is going to be tough now.

Apply For US Citizenship Posthumously And Honor The Martyr!

Apply For US Citizenship Posthumously And Honor The Martyr!

An alien or non-citizen national of the United States who dies due to injury or disease suffered during active duty with the US Armed forces during particular period of military warfare is granted US citizenship under the amended Public law 101-249. A certificate of citizenship is issued as a result if the Form N-644 is approved in the name of the departed veteran. As a result it establishes that the decedent is a US citizen as of the date of her/his death.

An honorary status glorifying the martyrs and heroism of the veteran is this posthumous citizenship. Under the section 319(d) of the INA this certificate allows succeeding family members to apply for benefits or remain categorized as immediate relatives for getting lawful permanent residence.

When and who may file Form N-644,

The filing of the application must be done within two years after the decedent’s date of death. It can be filed by one with the relationship to the decedent as spouse, parent, children or sibling. As a representative of the decedent in case you are manager or organizer of the decedent’s estate also you may apply. Also if you are custodian, conservator or board of decedent’s next of kin you are a representative of the decedent and can apply for US citizenship for him/her. In case you are from a service organization which the department of veteran affairs recognizes or the secretary of defense or the designee of the secretary with USCIS following a request from next of kin you are considered a representative of the decedent and hence eligible to file Form N-644.

Eligibility requirements to file

The decedent who qualifies for posthumous citizenship must be an alien or non-citizen national of US and meet one of the following requirements:

Documents required for filing Form N-644

Decedent’s service and death documentation

A legible photocopy of each of the following required to facilitate recognition of the decedent’s military service and death connected to service by the executive departments:

A translated English copy is required if any of the documents are not in English. The certification process will be delayed if any of these documents are not submitted but may not result in automatic denial of application.

Where to file Form N-644,

The form must be submitted to the following address:

USCIS California Service Center

P.O. Box 10360

Laguna Niguel, CA 92607

For this application no filing fee is collected. Any changes in the address must be informed to the USCIS. Once the application is submitted it would be checked for completeness and correct support documents and evidences the decision would be notified in writing. No interview is involved is application is approved but if applicant stays outside US he/she may be required to appear at the closest embassy or consulate to sign for the citizenship certificate.

Immigration – Feds Tweak Student Visa Program

The J-1 visa is one of the visas of USA that people usually try to acquire. Several times it is applied along with F-1 visa for students. Many foreigners, who are looking to work in USA on full time goes for this visa and even try to live there permanently on J1 visa.

In general terms the J-1 Visa is for internship or trainee program for students. The program has been divided into two categories, which often named as Internship or Professional Career Training (PCT).

The major difference between these two categories is that if you are for Internship stream you can only apply for this when you are still a student. Professional Career Training stream it is for those who have already graduated one year back and even those who do not have relevant qualification but have minimum five year experience.

This visa J-1 is a work travel program, which allows students to earn while they are in USA. This program offered from the State Department, but they also relied upon sponsors and private companies for recruiting and supervising the foreign students, while they are in USA.

If you are looking out for this visa, then there are some of the organizations, who help by providing J1 visa. Intrax, CIEE and many more are helpful in acquiring this kind of visas. Nevertheless, one thing you should keep in mind that you will have to pay some additional fees apart from the J-1 visa program fees.

With the help of these sponsor organizations, many students have been placed every year in USA. But, some problems came into existence recently. Some companies started taking undue advantage of this, by not providing proper payout.

Due to this and some other reasons recently few weeks back, the department of USA took a step towards the issue. The change in policy is made after the past incidents. Such as few years back, several foreign students sponsored by a company were placed at Hershey’s packaging plant in Pennsylvania and they were forced to work for long extra hours without even getting paid as much they have to be according to the working hours. As per the sources it is said that those students who tried to complain, were threatened for deportation if they do not work as per their rules and conditions.

The decision of the bar Council for Educational Travel, amounts to some tweaks in the program and for that the State Department has to agree on protecting visiting scholars for the positive and clean image of United States. This program implemented 50 years ago but nowadays, it is becoming a process of getting cheap labour, which recently came forward and if it continues, it will prove negative for the image of USA.

This article provide a brief information on what J-1 visa is and who can apply for it on what basis, what are the conditions, and what are some of the issues that have been raised previously, which have recently been revealed to the public.