Where Are the Doctors Going to Come From,

Where Are the Doctors Going to Come From,

As the Obama White House pushes for health-care enhancements, the startling lack of doctors in the US, particularly primary care doctors, is speedily becoming a crisis in dire need of being averted. The population of individuals to be targeted to be put under health insurance by the government programs is about thirty million. However, research studies show that there is a heavy decline in the number of medical practitioners that could treat them. One solution that gets around this is to increase the number of doctor visas for foreign doctors.

Medical Education

Only a choice few of the thousands of medical school applicants get into medical school. This is the first restricting factor. There aren’t enough slots to accommodate all the qualified applicants. There is a major investment of time for going to medical school (and a longer time commitment if the student chooses to specialize). This is the second point.

The physicians in the shortest supply are primary care physicians and these are the doctors most needed by the greatest percentage of patients. This is because of more than just these reasons presented above. For one, primary care medicine doesn’t pay as well as being a specialist. Newly minted medical practitioners are buried in student loan obligations and it is, therefore, in the best personal interest of the students to choose specialties that allow them to pay off the loans as fast as possible. Also, medical practitioners get paid the smallest amount for their time with insurance payments being among the very lowest for their services.

Reduced Government Funding

It is typical, that after graduating from medical school, medical practitioners are required to serve a three year residency program working under with wings of more experienced medical practitioners. A medical residency is typically obligated for all physicians and it is at least three years. Providing this residency training is limited by the budget cuts that hospitals and medical centers have to deal with in this budgetary environment. Annually, 100,000 residency slots are paid for by various government health-care programs such as the VA, Medicare and Medicaid. This leads to doctors-in-training waiting to fill in positions for residents who have completed their 3 years of residency.

The drive to cut costs in medicine always is focused on the physicians and doesn’t stop after residency. Along with public sector insurance program reimbursements being squeezed down, private sector reimbursements have also been lowered. The excessive paperwork needed to process these claims has frustrated doctors even more. Doctors have even been lobbying for health care reforms to include an gain in reimbursements.

Personal Choice

Most American families are now focused on either making more to make ends meet or spending more quality time with each other. These are the lifestyle choices American families make. This is no different for doctors. Most are opting to spend less time at work and more time with leisure time activities or family activities.

Physicians also make personal decisions that affect the medical community of a geographical area. Doctors have a choice of where they will work based on their own wants and, thus, not many medical practitioners choose to work in rural areas. Additionally, medical practitioners want to go to states and regions where there is a greater percentage of health care insurance coverage–quite simply, like anyone else, they want to be reasonably paid for their services. Another factor in determining whether doctors go to particular regions is the malpractice insurance rates. Places with high malpractice insurance rates are places that doctors avoid.


A third of the current physicians in America will reach retirement age between now and 2020. The irony is that these baby boom medical practitioners will be retiring just as the whole baby boom cohort is also going to be reaching the age (retirement age) when their medical needs increase significantly. Given that old people are susceptible to disease and the normal signs of aging, all these new retirees will need healthcare services. The proportions will not match and a steady increase in medical providers is considered necessary in order to meet the coming demand.

Solutions are needed to this decline in the number of doctors in America and several proposals have been made. Positions are being increased in medical schools and new schools are being launched. Lawmen pushing for health care reforms are considering incentives for primary care medical providers. The shortage is real and cities are asking themselves whether it is too late to stop this demographic reality.

Despite these issues, there are any number of foreign doctors who are anxious to come to the US where the opportunities both financially and to use the most leading edge medical technology are still the greatest. An increase in the number of medical visa that come with it the limitations on the specialties and the geographies where the immigrant doctors can practice would do a lot to alleviate these issues. Experienced lawyers in immigration for doctors can be helpful even in today’s environment.

The Perfect Climate For US Immigration – The EB 5 Program

The Perfect Climate For US Immigration – The EB 5 Program

Come elections and the people of US hear of the new forward looking immigration policy that is said to bring enormous change to the socio- economic structure and to the people’s lives on a whole. President Obama has reiterated his primary concern for immigrants before the people rather he has kept immigration reforms at the forefront amongst his policies. His belief in the worthiness of the immigrants is clear in the picture he has drawn. The President has spelled out how highly skilled and educated immigrants can contribute to the economy and how the nation has so much to gain from them.

After decades of varied visas, such as the student visa, work permits which have demanded arduous work and time, and have provided for only a limited period of stay and benefits for immigrants; the EB5 program also known as an investment based program, is a welcome relief for all who wish to settle in the States. It is a program that requires a minimum investment of US $ 500,000 by a foreign national in a designated regional centre of USA. This amount is used by the regional centre in highly unemployed rural areas to create jobs directly or indirectly. An immigrant may also set up his own business by investing US $ 1,000,000, manage it and create 10 new jobs.

So what is new about this VISA climate, It is suited to any foreign national who wants a green card and eventually wishes to settle in the States. No specific qualification or work experience is required; no language test has to be passed. All that is required is a sound investment and you book your seat to the ultimate destination – USA, hassle free! It is a clear cut route and a well structured program that brings you and your family the benefits that one can ever dream of.

What does the EB 5 offer, A high standard of life, quality education in the choicest of schools that require no tution fee and universities where the immigrant pays the same tution fee as a US citizen pays, which is half the amount he would have had to pay as an international student. For the highly educated and skilled professionals there are diverse career options to choose from and a comfortable and calm life for those who wish to retire. Compared with Visas such as the H1 B & H2 B that have a fixed quota for issuing VISAs, and limit your stay in the US to a given period; and some others that do not allow you the freedom to travel, or work, EB 5 comes in as the best offer. It sorts out all those worries, allowing you the freedom to travel throughout US, and does not bind you with any time or place.

The investments that immigrants make through this EB-5 program have nurtured the US economy that was submerged under the recession tide. For big entrepreneurs in US who wish to set up new projects and establishments, this has proved to be a relatively inexpensive option to finance their projects. Over the past one year many hotel chains in US have also chosen the EB 5 as a safe alternative for financing their projects. It is looked to as a program that is boosting businesses and has reduced unemployment to a large extent.

China has made the optimum use of this program ever since its inception. Amongst the countries that have opted for the EB 5 investment program China tops the rank. More and more Chinese citizens are looking to emigrate to US for a cleaner environment, better education, a safer and a secure life. With the number of Chinese applicants filing for EB 5 and with its success rate it won’t be surprising that the quota of 10,000 reserved for it by the USCIS is met with in the near future.

It is quite a task to be done if one is thinking about moving to a new country, as a thorough research has to be done, to satisfy oneself and then move ahead. Given the current EB 5 climate that is offering much on one platter, one can think about taking a step. While the US is being so kind, why not reap in the program’s rewards! READ IT, REVIEW IT AND GET REWARDED!

Immigration Issue Must be Dealt with The Help of Best Attorney

Immigration Issue Must be Dealt with The Help of Best Attorney

We are living in a corporate jungle. It is now a day possible to find people from may part of the world working all over the world. It is not so easy to do so. There are several legislations and laws laid for that by each and every country in this world. One must know a fact that it is possible to get work from any person in this world like keeping like a slave, getting all the work without any proper salary or compensation. It is the best thing to consult with an experienced attorney to deal with this case. It is so because this kind of issue must be addressed in courts only. If it is spoken in words, it will not be nice. It is also very difficult to come to a conclusion based on verbal arguments. It must be rather settled with the help of courts only. At the time when any issue results in the immigration issue, people will be blanked in their mind. They agree with the mindset that there is no way to get justice in the foreign country. This is rather a dangerous mindset. There are several attorneys available who is working for the well being of the laborers who are from another country. They will also argue in the plea of the worker who has been made to work in an unsafe environment.

Many people also don’t know that it is a law that has been passed in the courts that when a labor is employed in a task that is dangerous for health, several things need to be followed. The first thing is the safety kits and equipment given to the employee. Also one more important thing is the safety in the workplace. It is the right of any employee to demand the company to make all the essential requirements available in order to meet any emergency situation happens. There are many companies that will put the blame on the employee stating that the accident happened only due to the mistake of the employee. If it happens like that, the company need not take any care about the employee, no compensation need to be paid on behalf of company. It will also create more issues at the time of getting claims from the insurance company in case of personal insurance also.

So it is best to go to the attorney at the starting stage itself, so that it will be very easy for the attorney to bring justice at the earliest time. If the case has been brought at the later stage, it will be a bit different for the attorney as the company will definitely meet some big lawyers and pay huge money and make the things go in their path. It is also very easy to consult with an attorney through phones. Once an appointment has been fixed in advance, it is very easy for the attorney to discuss all the issues in person and also can get valid points for discussions in court.

Improved Immigration Services Of A Country Can Show The Door For Globalisation

Improved Immigration Services Of A Country Can Show The Door For Globalisation

The world has today become a very small place to live in. Start from the North America to the Asian countries, name any continent and its countries and you will see how well these countries are connected to one another. With different kinds of cultures and traditions surviving under the same roof, it’s easy to say that the world is indeed a small place to live in. We all know that the globe is round but it has been proved henceforth with the coming of globalisation. Globalisation has indeed made the world more connected to each other than it ever was. It’s become a great thing to see people from all over the world more appreciating of others than before. Establishing the world as a global village, people feel more united today.

Appreciating this trend of globalisation and making it easier for people to communicate with their compatriots from other countries, governments have started opening its doors. It’s being seen that flying off to other countries for work has in fact picked up speed. Today a considerable workforce of engineers, scientists, doctors and people from other professional streams go to other countries in search of better jobs and better pay-checks. Opening up doors for people from other countries Immigration Services have been made better than before at many places. You obviously need to have a solid reason for entering into a country if it’s not for a tour but the work visa is comparatively easier to get in today’s times.

Some people fly off to abroad in search of good jobs looking for something permanent while some prefer to earn loads of money in foreign countries and then stack it up for their home country. Facilitating this service, many countries have opened up its borders. For example look at Canada’s economy which has half population of the country from abroad. It’s proof of the fact that getting Canada Immigration is much easier and convenient than other places. This shows the path for other countries too.

It is therefore to say that in countries like U.S.A, U.K, Saudi Arabia, Canada; immigration facilities have really been perked up. These countries specifically because they have a lot of jobs on offer which can be easily meted out by trained professionals from other countries. There are others too but the above mentioned ones are more prominent in attracting huge number of workmen from abroad. Allowing people from abroad to earn more money, they in turn serve their nation and the help in building those countries from where these workmen actually come. Regularisation of Immigration Services has opened fresh avenues for people all over the world making globalisation achieve its target of uniting the world and making it a small place to live in.

Can an Immigration Lawyer Seattle WA Help If I am Facing Deportation

Can an Immigration Lawyer Seattle WA Help If I am Facing Deportation

In order to live in the United States, you must have some legal status that gives you permission to be in the country. Citizens who are born in the United States have legal status by virtue of their citizenship, as do people who have obtained a green card through legal channels. People may also be in the U.S. on a temporary or permanent basis on a visa or other permit that allows entry. An immigration lawyer Seattle WA can help people who need to get a visa or who otherwise are looking to enter the country legally.

If you are in the United States without permission, however, then you do not have legal status. Those who are in the country illegally may wish to speak with an immigration lawyer Seattle WA.

Under the immigration laws of the United States, when an immigration judge determines you are in the United States illegally, you face a number of different penalties. One possible penalty is deportation. Deportation means you’re going to be removed from the country. When you are deported, typically it also means that you will not be able to seek legal immigration status for a long time or, in some cases, ever. An immigration lawyer Seattle WA can explain the consequences to you.

Deportation can occur when you entered the United States illegally, or it can occur if you violated some law or condition of your entry. For instance, if you are in the U.S. with permission and have a visa or other documents providing temporary residency, you may face deportation if you commit certain felonies. Contacting an immigration lawyer Seattle WA in these cases is helpful.

When you are facing deportation, however, this does not necessarily mean you will be deported. It just means that there is a chance for deportation, among other possible consequences. If you or a family member is facing deportation, an immigration lawyer Seattle WA should be consulted to help.

How an Immigration Lawyer Seattle WA Can Help

When you are found to be in the country legally, there are many different options that an immigration judge has for resolving your case and that an immigration lawyer Seattle WA can assist you in understanding. For instance, the Immigration and Nationality Act allows for:

Any of these options can allow you to stay in the country. An immigration lawyer Seattle WA can help you to pursue these options if any are appropriate so that you will not have to leave. If there are no viable options for you to stay in the country, an immigration lawyer Seattle WA can also help you to explore the option of voluntary departure, which is preferable to deportation.

Immigrating to New Zealand For Business Purposes or Permanent Residency

Immigrating to New Zealand For Business Purposes or Permanent Residency

The country New Zealand is thinly populated. Sheep outnumber citizens by ten to one. Taking into consideration those tourists and vacationers going to New Zealand, for them the sea has been very important. Although this country is less populated a lot of immigrants are getting attracted moving to New Zealand due to a quality and comfortable way of living it offers. Nowadays there are more and more immigrants coming from Korea, China, Philippines Japan and many more.

Actually people who are immigrating to New Zealand have many reasons why they are moving to New Zealand. Some of the reasons that motivate them are job opportunities, good education and permanent residency. To realize it, we will be thinking on how to start the application.

At first we may go to an Immigration representative but usually their service fees are too high that it can really drain our budget. Basically, these agencies or representatives will assess if you are qualified and if they think you are then you can start the application procedure. Actually these agencies won’t do anything for fast processing of your application, what you need to do is to know the requirements, read the instructions carefully and proceed with application submission.

Checking if you are qualified is essential. Then after this, submit all the necessary requirements. Just wait for a notification as you will be notified by mail or email if an immigration interview is necessary in your case. Confirmation of your attendance to the interview is required too. Then attend the interview.

On the other hand, you must also declare in the application form if you are a visitor on business and have a family member or relative in New Zealand. This is necessary so that you will be forwarded with the Family Visitor form to fill out your relative’s name, addresses and immigration status. This is also to check whether or not you will be staying with them during your stay in New Zealand.

Certainly, a New Zealand business visitor’s intention to visit the place is to engage in legal business transactions. This is so since New Zealand is known to be a global financial and commercial hub where many of the businessmen around the world travel to do business. Getting the interest of living in New Zealand or starting up a business you will undergo many rules and requirements. However, the most necessary requirement is that your country must be on the list that requires an entry clearance and a visa in order to the New Zealand for business.

Securing The Services of UK Immigration Lawyers

Securing The Services of UK Immigration Lawyers

For migrants who have come to the United Kingdom, there are a wide assortment of different challenges that are often faced on a daily basis. While some of these challenges may revolve around becoming accustomed to a different culture and learning how to integrate into society, other immigrants find themselves facing serious legal hurdles once they have arrived in the country. These issues are often quite complicated and difficult to understand, further adding to the frustration and confusion of dealing with such problems. For this reason, many immigrants secure the services of UK immigration lawyers, who provide expert guidance and advise on immigration matters.

Lawyers and solicitors who focus on immigration law have undergone specific training that relates to the process of immigration and understand the different requirements of migration for a wide assortment of individuals. Immigration to the United Kingdom is a complex process, with a wide assortment of different visas and working papers available to individuals who can demonstrate particular circumstances or scenarios to the government. Unfortunately, jumping through the hoops that certain visas require can be a taxing challenge.

Immigration lawyers work in tandem with their clients, allowing them to formulate a plan for dealing with their legal status in the country. While every client’s circumstance and situation is different, many immigration professionals routinely find themselves dealing with clients who no longer have the legal right to remain in the country. This can happen for a variety of different reasons, including the denial of a visa application or the refusal to renew an expired visa. In this instances, immigration lawyers can provide guidance regarding the next step and how to go about performing such requests in a legal manner.

Some immigrants are hesitant to work with UK immigration lawyers, as they are uncertain as to how the entire process will take place. In most cases, these law professionals are a great solution for those looking to understand a foreign system. Some immigration lawyers also have easy financing options available to their clients, allowing those who would otherwise be unable to afford the services of a law professional to work in coordination with such individuals.

Those looking to secure the services of an immigration lawyer or solicitor have a variety of different resources available to them. Many immigration professionals advertise in local periodicals and publications, while some lawyers may instead rely on word of mouth. Finding a qualified professional is often easier within immigrant communities, where many individuals have experience working with such lawyers. Inquiring for more information or advice in these local communities is often a great place to start the hunt for a qualified legal professional.

Guatemala President Asks Obama to Stop Mass Deportations

Guatemala President Asks Obama to Stop Mass Deportations

Though Latin America was not given more attention during the elections, the region now expects the President to focus on immigration, drug war and on Cuba. However, many want President Obama to focus more on trade and some want the President to change the policies towards Cuba. It is well-known that there are more than 11.5 million undocumented immigrants in the United States and reports state that majority of the undocumented immigrants are from Mexico and Latin America.

Most of the undocumented immigrants are in the country right from their childhood and they do not want to leave the country. Though two thirds of the Latinos had voted for Obama, they are not happy as President Obama has not passed the promised immigration reform.

Marco Albuja, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ecuador, congratulated Obama and said that he must not forget the Latino voters. Many congratulated the President on his victory and Otto Perez,President of Guatemala, requested President Obama to grant Temporary Protected Status to the Guatemalans.

TPS is a program of the United States that permits the citizens of few designated countries to remain in the United States lawfully, for a certain period of time. He also said that he hopes that the new government will consider the TPS request and stop deporting the Guatemalans. Perez also mentioned that the United States has been deporting the Guatemalans and more than 33,000 Guatemalans have been removed from the United States, this year.

Republicans will control the House of Representatives and the Senate will be controlled by the Democrats and due to this, it may not be easier for Obama to enact the immigration reform. However, Majority Leader of the US Senate, Harry Reid said that priority will be given to immigration, even if the Republicans oppose.

Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico’s president-elect, said that he is willing to work with President Obama to clear the issues related to immigration. A drug war in Mexico has killed more than 60,000 people though the United States has assisted Mexico to fight against cartels. The new administration looks forward to create job opportunities in Mexico and in America. President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said that President Obama must think about abolishing the US embargo on Cuba and he also said that President Obama has been re-elected because of the Latino votes. Similarly, the leftist leader has said that Obama has won with the Hispanic votes and so he has to reward the Latinos.

United States Must Reform The Guest Worker Program

United States Must Reform The Guest Worker Program

United States currently grants around 50,000 seasonal agricultural visas, every year and most of these visas are issued to Mexican workers. But the farmers in the United States, Mexican officials and immigrant advocates, are not satisfied with the current program and they say that this US program is inefficient. That is because the potential workers are abused by the recruiters and are required to pay thousands of dollars, to get jobs in the United States. Such workers who are unable to get jobs in America are moving to Canada. In Canada, the government officials work with the Mexican government officials and recruit workers and they also help the workers to prepare their visa applications.

Oscar Reyes is one such temporary worker from Mexico who goes to Canada for seasonal work. He is paid $10.25 per hour and he works for eight months, in Canada. Last year, more than 16,000 Mexican labors were imported by Canada. This is a federal program and the Mexican officials expect the United States to implement such guest worker programs in the United States. Most of the Hispanics who voted for President Obama expect him to reform the US immigration laws. Similarly, many want the president to expand the guest worker program that would allow the US farmers to hire low-skilled labors legally. President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, said that he would support the US immigration reform.

Many Mexicans who entered into the United States illegally for work are now leaving the country, few are deported from the country and some of them leave voluntarily. US farms hire around 2 million workers every year and most of them are undocumented immigrants. There is no annual limit in the number of visas that are issued to seasonal agricultural workers but the US employers are not using these visas as this process is slow and tiresome. That is the reason why they prefer undocumented workers. However, as many Mexicans are leaving the country, US employers are now unable to find such workers.

Earlier the Mexican officials in Zacatecas worked with the US Consulate in Monterrey and selected temporary workers. Later the recruiters who brought workers sold them to other farms and the workers became victims of fraud. The officials in Zacatecas stopped working with the US Consulate when the US recession hit and now those officials started to work with Canada and recruiters are now being screened by the Mexican officials. Men who are unmarried are ineligible for the Canadian program. Similarly, the Mexican workers will be able to receive pension funds only if they get back to Mexico.

However, the US labor unions and others do not want the United States to copy all the factors of the Canadian program. Migrants say that work in Canada is difficult but fair. They also say that they are paid well and that they are treated well by their Canadian employers. Mexican workers in Canada say that everything is nice in Canada. If the United States implements such programs many Mexican workers will move to the United States.

Protests on Changes to Saskatchewan Immigration Rules

Protests on Changes to Saskatchewan Immigration Rules

On implementation of recent changes in Saskatchewan immigrations, the immigrants are quiet disappointed and protesting over these changes. The changes have brought in forward sever consequences for them. They are struggling on personal grounds and protesting against it so that they could be heard by the government and some changes could be made in their favor. Hoping to be heard they are plucking their time and resources on it. It is quiet crucial for them as their future on large is likely to get affected by this decision of the immigration authorities. According to the protesters they are being betrayed as the changes have been declared and implemented without any prior notice or some phase of time, quick implementation has been a major setback for them.

New Change:

The new change declared earlier in May has been brought about by the Saskatchewan immigrations are continuation of tightening and streamlining the immigration rules and regulations of the province. As per this new rule those living in the province can nominate just one out of their all family members at one point of time, which is very strict then previous rule where somebody living and working in the province could nominate number of relatives at the same point of time. Want to read more about Canada immigration read Canada best nation to immigrate, offers more employment opportunities ()

Further the new regulation could explained that the immigrant who is been working and living Saskatchewan since continuous six months can nominate or sponsor his blood relative and their family to the place at the same time, but now as per the amendments a person has to choose between the family members and can nominate only one member at one time.

Those staying here have sudden disruptions in their plans to get reunited with their near and dear one’s who back in the country are waiting for their sponsorships.

The Government’s Take on New Policy:

Government is totally sticking to its words and is reluctant to change any of the rules. According to the Immigration Minister Rob Norris this step is need of the hour, and also said that they have not done anything wrong as most of the sponsors apply for only one relative, so making it a rule should not be questioned.

This rule is basically for those who try to bring all their family members here increasing the population issues, as per the statistics studied around 550 families are looking forward to sponsor their three to eighteen relatives to the province and also some of them want their family members living in other provinces to shift here. There are also some people who are shifting to the province with a view to help their family members settle here, rather they are themselves not much interested in being here and working for the benefit of the province. Looking at these stats it was the demand of the time to control the immigration so that there could be a check on the population and also other problems.

The minister also states that in extreme conditions people can apply under family reunification program, but there will not be any leniency in the newly implemented rules. Here another related story to province Easier PR, jobs allures Indian students to Saskatchewan ()