Peak your Business Performance

Peak your Business Performance


Some business folk are reluctant to change. They are in their “comfort zone” with a set clientele and delivering the same service day in and day out. This is the biggest key to failure. Competitors are taking advantage of technology to grow their business faster, improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve profitability. They see opportunities and grab them immediately. Marketing and advertising is a major driver to bring in new clients to your business. One of the more popular ways of advertising is in a business directory. So what is a business directory?


Local business directories can be found in various formats i.e. print media, yellow pages, etc. However, it has been researched that a majority of searches for service providers are done online. We are now living in the digital age and nearly every customer has access to the internet. When we want information, we want in fast. We do not want to wait on the telephone or page through the yellow pages for information. We access our nearest internet compatible device i.e. smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. and type in the keywords of the service we are looking for including the area and Presto!, a list of business names and numbers are provided to the customer in need.


So if you are not advertising your business on a local business directory, plenty of missed opportunities are passing you by. You are literally handing over hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your competitors without evening knowing it. The risks of missed opportunities have dire ramifications for the business owner in this highly competitive business environment. The law of the concrete jungle “Survival of the Fittest” will see businesses with missed opportunity closing its doors faster than ones that have people finding them in business directories.


If you are not on a local business directory yet all is not lost. A quick search on your preferred search engine will provide you with all the information of your local business directories and how to join. You will find that some of the directories are free of charge, whilst others charge a monthly service fee. How do I decide on which option to opt for? One of the key deciding factors is identifying which service provider has the most hits. Hits are the number of users that visit a specific website. The greater the amount of people looking at a particular site, the greater audience your business is exposed to.


  • Ensure that your contact details up to date. You don’t want a potential customer calling an incorrect number
  • Provide a clear and concise description of your business and the goods or services offered
  • Provide a map and co-ordinates of your business premises
  • Provide exceptional service to your clients as negative reviews on your listing will have an adverse effect on expanding your business.


As a member of a local business directory, you have the opportunity to meet new clients that would previously have not known about what you do. This will open new doors and help your business reach its full potential.