Hiring an accident attorney

Hiring an accident attorney

Hiring an accident attorney

Getting involved in an accident is usually a very terrifying experience however small it may seem to be.

More often when you are on the road, the most important thing your mind keep thinking about is your safety, the safety of those inside the vehicle and the condition of that vehicle you are in. But then sometimes we do find ourselves involved in an accident due to some unavoidable circumstances.

When this happens, occasionally you will find yourself involve in a major hassle especially with insurance issues among other things.

If you ever find yourself in such situations, you might consider hiring an accident attorney. These people are usually skilled and highly trained to handle matters like this.

But how do you go about this process? With the following tips, you might be able to get yourself a good accident attorney.

  • Consultation fee

You need to know that most accident attorneys would never ask for a consultation fee. So it would be more important for you to meet up with several accident attorneys until you find the one who suits your needs.

Well, this is if your situation doesn’t require an immediate legal advice. You will be able to talk to them for a while the case is going on so it’s important to make sure that you pick a professional attorney and not someone who will make things even worse for you.

  • No fee unless the case is won

Well, some attorneys might go for the payment first before your case is even opened. However, someone who is confident in himself and his work wouldn’t be that first on the money right?

Many good attorneys will usually take your case without asking you for any sort of payment. When they represent you in court and the case is won, they will only take a percentage of the settlement you will be awarded and this will cover all his or her services.

Be careful of those attorneys who ask for payment first. You may end up paying and losing the case at the same time.

  • Charging rates

Before you make any further steps, you must first ask to know what the attorney will charge when your case is won.

Well, as said before, most attorneys will often take a small percentage of whatever you will be awarded as settlement as their service charge.

You should ask to know how much will that amount be. After you are made aware of the amount, you should then proceed and get a service contract that clearly states the percentage. You might also consider keeping a copy for your own personal records.

  • Provide the attorney with all the information

When going for your initial visit, make sure you carry anything that might help your case.

It is important to provide your attorney with any piece of document that you have and might help your case so that the attorney will be able to build the case on time and maybe you will be able to get your benefits much quicker.

These documents includes, insurance policy of your vehicle, your medical records, medical insurance policy, police report copy, vehicle pictures after the wreck among other things.

  • Be patient

Well, if you got in to an accident and it is clearly evident that you were on the right side. With a good attorney, your chances of being awarded the settlement will be high.

But this doesn’t mean that you will be awarded immediately or next week. No, these things usually might take several months or even years for you to finally receive the settlement.

So don’t get excited just yet. It is important that you stay calm as your attorney battles it out. A good attorney however, will always keep in touch with you and communicate to you in case of any development on the case.


These tips, as simple as they seem to be, might be your only way out. It is also important that you contact any attorney that you’ve worked with before.

This is because if you find yourself in such unfortunate situations you can save yourself all the time you will need to find another one and simply reach out to them.

Otherwise, if this is your first time, don’t worry, with a good accident attorney, you can be sure that everything will be just fine. Just know what things to look for and ask when looking for one.