Legal Action to Take if you Face Catastrophic Injuries

Legal Action to Take if you Face Catastrophic Injuries

When an individual faces an accident, he not only goes to emotional stress but also physical stress. The damages he receives will compel him not to work for a certain period of time. However, if the wounds turn out to be serious ones, like catastrophic damages, the victim is may suffer from permanent disability for the rest of his life. This long term injury brings a significant pause to his life. The first factor he suffers is his inability of earning money any more. If he is the sole earner of his family, obviously his family is going to suffer the most. When such injury occurs due to someone else’s negligence, the negligent party should be held liable for the pain that the victim suffers.

Kind of injuries considered as catastrophic injuries:-

Catastrophic damages include different type of physical wounds that causes permanent damage to the victim’s present health condition. Some of these wounds are:-

Brain injuries – Brain injuries cause damage to the brain tissues. As a result, the victim might suffer from permanent memory loss or partial brain paralysis. Hence, the victim becomes physically unfit for the rest of his life.

Back injuries – Injury to the spinal cord of an individual is also sometimes considered as a back injury. Such injury can cause shooting pain in the legs and arms of the victim. Sometimes the victim may suffer from permanent paralysis.

Burn injuries – Burn injuries sometimes lead to nerve injury as well. The victim may suffer from loss of sensation. Even permanent scars may also appear on the skin.

Neurological disorder – Catastrophic damages sometimes lead to nervous system of an individual. As a result, neurological disorder occurs.

These injuries are quite serious and it is caused due to various circumstances.

Circumstances leading to catastrophic injuries:-

Circumstances that lead to catastrophic injuries are car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, boat accidents, workplace injury, slip and fall injury and airplane accident. In most of these accidents, it has been observed that the victim receives injury because of someone else’s fault.

On the other hand, the victim who suffers from the injury has to bear expense related to medical treatment and other treatment required for recovery.

The person liable for paying the compensation:-

As the victim has to go through such huge expense, he is eligible to receive compensation. This compensation should be paid by the negligent party who has caused the accident. However, if the negligent party denied from paying the compensation, appoint accident lawyers in Miami who can help you to claim for the compensation legally.