Prominence of Corporate Law in India

Prominence of Corporate Law in India

Corporate law is the field of law concerning the creation and regulation of corporations and other business organisations. Business law does not restrict itself to the Companies Act only but applies to associated legislations as well. There are many law firms in India that advices international and Indian clients in various sectors like telecom, infrastructure, power, real estates, automobiles, insurance, pharmaceuticals, electronics, IT, etc. In today’s scenario, law firm plays an important role in providing worthful services to the corporate sector. Growth in the economy and rising competition within business houses create the need of corporate level services. These services includes intellectual property laws that comprises trade mark, copyrights, patents, geographical indications, trade secrets, agency & franchise services, real estate & construction, commercial & corporate law services, litigation law services, trademark registration, taxation, company registration and many more. The firm also provides professional advice on a broad spectrum of corporate work including mergers and acquisitions (M&As), takeovers, joint ventures, special economic zones (SEZs) and methods for raising additional cash such as flotation on a stock exchange, private equity, securities, etc.

Overseas Investment in Indian Companies

International law has become an important aspect of law. Developing an international business and operating in international markets can expose an organization to a numerous of complex rules that govern international trade and foreign investment. Today, virtually all businesses are in some way affected by global enterprise. Whether a business crosses one or more borders, law firm provides strategic legal advice that helps its clients to grab and maximize the available opportunities with minimum risks. The law firm provides following services in the international context:

A company incorporated in India under the Companies Act, 1956, being a legal entity, has to obey all the corporate laws enacted by the Government of India for its creation, continuation and association with the parties of the outside world. The main laws imposed upon the existence of a company in the corporate sector are:

In India, corporations are governed by two laws:

Company law, streamlines the procedure for regulation of Indian companies & branches of foreign companies operating in India. Security law, which governs the conditions under which corporations can issue shares and is aimed at preventing fraudulent offering schemes. It defines the rules for business corporations. It is recommended to all types of business houses whether small or big, may be private or public to follow all types of company laws in order to get legal benefits.