The Perfect Climate For US Immigration – The EB 5 Program

The Perfect Climate For US Immigration – The EB 5 Program

Come elections and the people of US hear of the new forward looking immigration policy that is said to bring enormous change to the socio- economic structure and to the people’s lives on a whole. President Obama has reiterated his primary concern for immigrants before the people rather he has kept immigration reforms at the forefront amongst his policies. His belief in the worthiness of the immigrants is clear in the picture he has drawn. The President has spelled out how highly skilled and educated immigrants can contribute to the economy and how the nation has so much to gain from them.

After decades of varied visas, such as the student visa, work permits which have demanded arduous work and time, and have provided for only a limited period of stay and benefits for immigrants; the EB5 program also known as an investment based program, is a welcome relief for all who wish to settle in the States. It is a program that requires a minimum investment of US $ 500,000 by a foreign national in a designated regional centre of USA. This amount is used by the regional centre in highly unemployed rural areas to create jobs directly or indirectly. An immigrant may also set up his own business by investing US $ 1,000,000, manage it and create 10 new jobs.

So what is new about this VISA climate, It is suited to any foreign national who wants a green card and eventually wishes to settle in the States. No specific qualification or work experience is required; no language test has to be passed. All that is required is a sound investment and you book your seat to the ultimate destination – USA, hassle free! It is a clear cut route and a well structured program that brings you and your family the benefits that one can ever dream of.

What does the EB 5 offer, A high standard of life, quality education in the choicest of schools that require no tution fee and universities where the immigrant pays the same tution fee as a US citizen pays, which is half the amount he would have had to pay as an international student. For the highly educated and skilled professionals there are diverse career options to choose from and a comfortable and calm life for those who wish to retire. Compared with Visas such as the H1 B & H2 B that have a fixed quota for issuing VISAs, and limit your stay in the US to a given period; and some others that do not allow you the freedom to travel, or work, EB 5 comes in as the best offer. It sorts out all those worries, allowing you the freedom to travel throughout US, and does not bind you with any time or place.

The investments that immigrants make through this EB-5 program have nurtured the US economy that was submerged under the recession tide. For big entrepreneurs in US who wish to set up new projects and establishments, this has proved to be a relatively inexpensive option to finance their projects. Over the past one year many hotel chains in US have also chosen the EB 5 as a safe alternative for financing their projects. It is looked to as a program that is boosting businesses and has reduced unemployment to a large extent.

China has made the optimum use of this program ever since its inception. Amongst the countries that have opted for the EB 5 investment program China tops the rank. More and more Chinese citizens are looking to emigrate to US for a cleaner environment, better education, a safer and a secure life. With the number of Chinese applicants filing for EB 5 and with its success rate it won’t be surprising that the quota of 10,000 reserved for it by the USCIS is met with in the near future.

It is quite a task to be done if one is thinking about moving to a new country, as a thorough research has to be done, to satisfy oneself and then move ahead. Given the current EB 5 climate that is offering much on one platter, one can think about taking a step. While the US is being so kind, why not reap in the program’s rewards! READ IT, REVIEW IT AND GET REWARDED!