Three Reasons Why You Need an Elder Abuse Attorney in California

Three Reasons Why You Need an Elder Abuse Attorney in California

When you parents age or someone close to you gets too old to handle things themselves, it can be quite heartbreaking. It can be sad to see people you love deteriorate of their physical and mental well being. Unfortunately, that is just how life is and it can be easy for you to get them help by getting the help of an elder abuse attorney when needed. But what do you exactly need a lawyer for,

Let’s face reality. There are those people who will take advantage of the elderly and harm them one way or another. Elder abuse is as real as bullying is to a kid. This abuse can happen anytime and even family members can be predators. Old people are vulnerable and should be protected. They can be a victim of a financial scam or physical abuse. If this happens, pursuing legal action is always recommended and getting an elder abuse attorney in California will help you go through the litigation because it is their expertise to protect this minority.

1. Protection from Financial Abuse

A lot of elderly people are stripped off their money without them knowing it. Some screwed family members do take advantage of the fact that most elders would allow other people to handle their financial affairs for them and give them power of attorney to handle their money. This is the time when shrewd people skim funds and use it for themselves unethically. If you suspect any financial sham happening in your household, an elder abuse lawyer can help. He can help assist in getting a trustee to audit financial statements and if any wrongdoing is discovered, the lawyer can file an emergency power of attorney to prohibit authorization from the abusing party.

2. Guard Against Abuse in Health Care

Older people who are in a health care facility may be prone to mistreatment. In some cases, physical abuses happen between the patient and health care assistants. This happens especially if patients can no longer speak their mind out because of their medical condition. In some cases, caregivers and other advocate can look over the health of an elderly person. In some instances, their health may be compromise when the people looking over their health use inadequate medication or would rather use inexpensive medication rather what is prescribed. Predators do this in order to get an increase of their inheritance. If you suspect any of this happening, you can consult an attorney to look into it and he will assist in getting temporary guardianship and to look for proof of abuse and eventually, sue for compensation if need be.

3. Prevent Possible Abuse

You can speak to a litigation lawyer even before an actual abuse can happen. You know that the elderly are vulnerable to exploitation and this is where an elder abuse lawyer can help. They will help you understand and let you be aware of the rights of the elderly and to decrease the risk of coercion. Elder law is bound to protect the people you love from mistreatment and wrong doing in wills, real estates, finances and health care.