UK Marriage Visa Applications Submission Inside The UK

UK Marriage Visa Applications Submission Inside The UK

UK marriage visa applications submission inside the UK

When applying for UK marriage visa or any related visa while inside the UK, Immigration law dictates that you have legitimate relationships that are legally bound by law. This type of application will be deal with as an application related to your previous applications, although your UK visa if approved will be categorized to another visa type. This is a simple process if you have all the requirements readily available for submission.

With the submissions, you should be able to have the forms accomplished with the designated instructions followed. Forms should be filled up in capitalized print using black ink. The forms should be submitted to the immigration offices with the necessary documents that are defined in the guidelines of the applications. All legal documents, should as much as possible be original copies. If this is not possible, you need to send certified copies. The certified copies should have attached letters of explanations on the reasons why it is no possible to submit the original copies.

When all of these are accomplished, you need to submit the applications officially. These can be sent by mail post or hand carried personally to the necessary offices. When mailing by post, applications should be sent to the defined office address on the guidelines for the submission. Keep all paper works inside the same envelop when mailing your applications. For the submission of applications form and documents personally, applicants should submit them to visa public enquiry offices. For these types of applications, appointments are necessary.

There are necessary guidelines to the submission of UK visa applications. The following discussions will be tackling the details of the applications submissions for the UK marriage visa indie the UK.

Public Enquiry Visa applications submissions – Applications made in person

During personal submissions of UK visa, couples should be present for the submission as much as possible. If not, then a letter of explanation is needed for the submission. At least one of the partners, husband or wife should be present for the application.

Applications in Public enquiry offices need to have biometric information enrolled. These are also required for all dependents included in the applications. These are necessary finger printing and facial photographs required for identification purposes. This is part of the process for visa application to ensure that proper identification is done prior to the acceptance of the applications.

Fees need to be paid during the appointments. This is necessary for your applications and biometrics are dealt with and processed. When applications are processed and approved, you permission to stay will be extended. A biometric residence permit will be sent through mail by post. This permit will be sent to the address you provided in the application forms submitted so it is vital to have all the necessary applications complete with accurate information. The contact details will also be used in cases clarifications are needed for your applications, or if additional requirements are demanded by the public enquiry offices.

Mailed by Post application submission

When applying by post, your biometric information will still be needed by the public enquiry offices. You should include in your applications an enrolment for the biometrics. For the biometrics, you will be required to provide finger prints and photographs as part of the applications. You should book these appointments as part of the applications.

Booking for the biometrics are necessary for the applications for the UK marriage visa. Both principal applicants and dependents are required to have their finger prints and photographs taken by the public enquiry offices. Dependents 6 years and older are required to have their biometrics taken; guardians need to be available for the taking of finger prints and photographs. Applications without or failing to have biometrics included or taken will be rejected automatically.

Notices will be given to applicants upon the processing and decision on the applications. The biometric residence permit will be sent along with the notice if approved. The notice will be sent over 5 days after the submission. Applicants can call the public enquiry offices after 7 days if no notice has been issued or sent.