What to do When You Have a Car Accident

What to do When You Have a Car Accident

Having a car accident is something that nobody plans on but it is an event which is happening all too frequently on our roads. As much as you may not wish to think about it too much, it is important to have an understanding as to what you need to do should the worst occur and you find yourself in an accident.

We spoke to a team of Lexington car accident lawyers who deal with thousands of accidents each year in order to get a better understanding for how they take place and what you need to do if it happens.

Take a Deep Breath

The first step which you need to take after an accident is to compose yourself, this is not going to be easy as your body will be in a state of shock with adrenalin pumping throughout the body. Try to tae some deep breaths before you exit the vehicle.

Check For Injuries

Once you have composed yourself you need to check whether you or anyone else in the car has sustained any injuries, if they have then you should seek emergency medical attention.

Get Safe

If the accident is minor then try to move the car to a safe place so as not to cause a danger to other road users. If the cars are not able to be moved then it is important that all parties involved get to a safe place on the side of the road and call the police to alert them to the danger. Incidentally, even if you consider the accident to be minor, you should still notify the authorities and let them decide as to whether you need an officer at the scene.

Swap Details

Regardless of whether you thought that the accident was yours or the other driver’s fault, you must swap details of insurance as well as personal details. Dealing with your insurance will be made a great deal easier with the more information that you have about the other drivers involved.

Make a Record

Making a record of what happened whilst you are still on the scene is going to be a great help when the time comes for insurance claims or any criminal proceedings. If you are in a position to do so, make a record of where you are, how the accident happened and who saw it. It will be greatly beneficial if you can get some witness statements of what happened.

Call Help

Even if your car is fit to be driven, you shouldn’t drive directly after an accident, give your friends or family a call and ask them to pick you up. You should also call your insurers and arrange for your car to be picked up by a local garage, most insurers cover this but if not then call a garage directly for them to collect your car and take it somewhere safe.