Why Criminal Charges in Chicago Can Be Overcome

Why Criminal Charges in Chicago Can Be Overcome

In cities where crime is a major problem, prosecutors and law enforcement can be zealous in their endeavors to apprehend and convict criminals. To keep the streets safe, prosecutors often focus on crimes that are believed to be both particularly egregious as well as on cases that are deemed as ‘easy’ to win. You might be accused of a crime in Chicago where there are witnesses lined up against you or any number of pieces of circumstantial evidence. In this instance, you will need a top criminal defense attorney in Chicago who helped other defendants facing similar circumstances. Remember that being accused of a crime is not the same as being convicted, so use the time you have before you are headed to court to get ready to prove your innocence.

Why Criminal Charges in Chicago Can Be Overcome

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Why Chicago Is Tough on Crime

Crime statistics in Chicago are nothing short of mind boggling. In 2016, more than 770 people were murdered in Chicago. That same year there were also in excess of 3,500 reported shootings. Gang affiliation and violent crimes are also a big problem in Chicago, meaning that certain neighborhoods are patrolled at a higher frequency and innocent people can sometimes be targeted, detained, and subsequently charged with crimes that they have absolutely no knowledge of. Chicago is especially hard on crime because the entire country is watching. The Chicago Police have been criticized for not being vigilant enough while prosecutors have been repeatedly asked why they haven’t been able to stop crime rates from increasing. It is inevitable that some innocent defendants would find themselves in the crossfire.

Proving Your Innocence

In general, it takes an abundance of evidence to prove that a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. People accused of drinking while driving might be arrested only after a police officer observes them driving in a suspicious manner, performing a breathalyzer test, and then subsequently finding open alcohol containers in the accused person’s vehicle. Charges like this are a lot easier to prove than the burglary of an unoccupied home, for instance. You and your defense attorney really need to focus on the facts – proving what is true versus what is still up for debate when defending yourself against any sort of criminal charges.

Ensuring the Judge Hears Your Voice

Anyone who is accused of a criminal offense has to be seen by the judge presiding over the case. Whether you are guilty or innocent, you will most likely be very nervous going up in front of a judge. Considering that the judge in your case is the one who will be making a final ruling, it is actually healthy to feel a bit uncertain. Nervousness notwithstanding, you have to make a serious effort to be heard by your judge. It could be a matter of getting your evidence accepted or convincing the judge during final arguments. Hire a criminal defense attorney who knows how to get judges to listen.

It really doesn’t matter if you are charged with a crime in Chicago, Illinois, or Columbia, Maryland. It’s better to fight criminal charges dutifully if you are innocent. In the event that you are actually guilty, you might want to see if you are able to plead down to a lesser offense.