Why You Might Need a Solicitor

Why You Might Need a Solicitor

Law in the UK is not straightforward; there are so many ifs and buts that make it very complicated, and certainly legal matters are not something you should try and handle yourself. There are people that have trained for many years to be able to help you, but because laws change all the time, their training never really stops.

You Might Need a Solicitor

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Training For Solicitors

The Law Society says that you need to be dedicated, committed and not frightened of hard work if you want to become a solicitor. There is more than one route to becoming qualified, the most common being first of all earning a degree in law. Then they have to complete a Graduate Diploma in Law course and a Legal Practice course, followed by a period of recognised training with a law firm. Only when all this has been successfully completed can they apply to be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and apply for their first practice certificate. It is at this point they become of member of the Law Society.

After this, they can decide whether to be a general solicitor or to specialise in one particular area. It is because of this high standard of training that solicitors in the UK are so highly regarded.

How They Can Help You

There are many different reasons you might need the help of a solicitor. It could be that you are buying a property, getting divorced, want to claim compensation after an accident, need to defend yourself in court, for business matters, writing a will, or maybe to collect some money you are owed. These are just a few ways a solicitor could help you, there are many more.

They will have the knowledge, expertise and experience to be able to advise you regarding your legal matter, and will make the whole process so much easier than if you try to handle it yourself. For instance, in the case of compensation claims, cases dealt with by solicitors are 80% more likely to be successful, and a higher figure compensation awarded.

Part of the problem with these claims is that they are settled by insurance companies who will always make a low offer first. A good solicitor will fight your case and often end up winning you 5 or 6 times the original amount, without the need to attend court.

Are Solicitors Costly?

You may be concerned about using a solicitor because of the costs involved, but never be afraid to ask how they will work out their charges. There are different ways for different things. Some tasks may be a fixed fee and others are charged at an hourly rate. There are some areas of the law where conditional fee agreements, (more commonly known as no win no fee) can be used, and others where if you qualify, legal aid might be available.

If you want help from a solicitor, ask several what and how they will charge you. Some, but not all, will provide a free initial consultation, and this is a good chance to find out more about their fees.

However, generally, the cost of a solicitor is far outweighed by the help they can provide, so if you have a legal problem, never be afraid to approach a law firm.