Workplace Injuries, Company Lawyers and why You Need Your Own Attorney

Workplace Injuries, Company Lawyers and why You Need Your Own Attorney

I knew a man once who was doing routine maintenance on pipes – this involved stripping the insulation off of the pipes so it could be reapplied later by a different crew. The problem was, the pipes were thirty feet in the air, and the machine that my friend was standing on was shorter than the pipe. He was walking backwards, and fell off.

Such injuries happen more often than you would think in the workplace, and this type of injury is most often the cause of spinal cord injuries, although any fall on the back or when the head or neck is wrenched or hit can result in sudden, unthinkable circumstances. These injuries include nerve impingement, herniated disks, neuropathy, bulging disks, nerve damage and paralysis. Even the least significant of these injuries can require multiple surgeries and a year or more of rehab and recovery before you are ever back to normal, and on all to many back injuries it is never one hundred percent again.

Spinal cord injuries are among the worst that you can sustain, and can cause anything from permanent paralysis to years of disability and pain. If your injury was the result of a workplace accident or the fault of someone else through negligence or other factors, you are at the mercy of whatever insurance company will end up representing the company which caused your injury.

In such cases there are too many factors that most people simply have no knowledge of. Insurance companies have even been known to get people to settle before their medical situation is completely known, but there are many things involved when you are talking about injuries that could end up being permanent. Paralysis is worse, as the long term costs are enormous.

That is why it is essential that you contact a qualified attorney to help you through this time. There is too much going on for most people to think clearly about the long range; whether it is you or a loved one that has been injured, your main focus should be on family and recovery, not on the minutiae of the law.

Your lawyer’s sole duty is to look after your interests – this includes both your immediate care and the long term financial ramifications or your injury, from lost income to the actual cost of long term care. If you have children, where will they get the money for college, If the breadwinner was the one that was injured, that and a hundred other things will have to be taken into account, and most people will not realize they did something wrong and settled to soon until years after the event. Ears to late to do any good.

That is why a lawyer is the single best thing you can do to look after your legal, long term interests and to make sure that you get the care and money you need right now to survive and recover. Your lawyer will be a counterbalance to the lawyers hired by the insurance companies and corporations, and will even the odds and help you get the resources you are owed to restore your life to what it was.

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